Real Estate Reports
Date Heading Page Source Download
Apr-24 Strong demand aiding presales momentum 5 HDFC Securities
Jan-24 Demand momentum resilient 4 HDFC Securities
Oct-23 Festive cheer awaited 4 HDFC Securities
Oct-23 Commercial realty: Soft quarter 54 Nuvama
Oct-23 Residential growth to sustain; cautious on supply side challenges 8 Motilal Oswal
Sep-23 Aug-23: Demand and supply improve 14 Nuvama
Sep-23 Building a profitable future 75 Centrum Research
Jul-23 Steady demand; rising share of mid-income housing 8 Motilal Oswal
Jul-23 Presale momentum continues 4 HDFC Securities
Jul-23 Bengaluru visit takeaways: Strong demand momentum 16 Motilal Oswal
Jul-23 Mumbai registrations improve in June 10 Nuvama
Jun-23 Residential segment in an upcycle; Strong recovery in Retail 4 Nirmal Bang
Jun-23 Improved churn rates brush off interest rate concerns 8 Motilal Oswal
Apr-23 Housing stocks: Back in favour 14 Nuvama
Jan-23 Residential Real Estate - Nov 2022 20 Nuvama
Jan-23 Healthy quarter for EPC companies... 5 ICICI Direct
Dec-22 Delhi-NCR visit takeaways 10 Motilal Oswal
Nov-22 Strong performance despite seasonality 22 Motilal Oswal
Nov-22 Commercial: Proof of the pudding is in the leasing 55 ICICI Securities
Oct-22 Resilient demand 3 HDFC Securities
Sep-22 Seasonal decline in pre-sales, but FY23 guidance reiterated 24 Motilal Oswal
Sep-22 Opportunities (Ban)Galore 86 Motilal Oswal
Sep-22 Technical View : Time to Buy Realty 5 Motilal Oswal
Aug-22 REITs: Sunny days ahead 14 ICICI Securities
Aug-22 Residential – upswing cycle continues; Office – recovery phase post covid 8 Nirmal Bang
Jul-22 Residential demand remains strong; commercial demand in recovering phase 4 Nirmal Bang
Jul-22 Property registrations steady in Mumbai 6 Motilal Oswal
Jun-22 Assessing the impact of rising interest rates on real estate demand 8 Motilal Oswal
Jun-22 Strong demand and healthy pipeline to aid growth in FY23 12 Motilal Oswal
Apr-22 Stable demand, launches picking up 3 HDFC Securites
Apr-22 Real Estate on an upswing 4 Nirmal Bang
Mar-22 Residential - the cycle has turned; Office - cyclical upswing continues post covid 7 Nirmal Bang
Feb-22 Upwards and onwards 17 Edelweiss Securities
Feb-22 On a Cyclical High 62 HDFC Securities
Jan-22 The more things change... 20 Edelweiss Securities
Jan-22 Positively placed 3 HDFC Securities
Jan-22 Operational updates and launch performance 7 Emkay Research
Jan-22 New project launches are seeing continued demand in Real Estate sector amid festive season 4 Nirmal Bang
Jan-22 House registrations surge in December 7 Edelweiss Securities
Jan-22 Residential: Cracker of a festive season 10 ICICI Securities
Dec-21 November: The trend continues 15 Edelweiss Securities
Dec-21 House registrations decrease 7 Edelweiss Securities
Dec-21 Outlook 2022: Citius, Altius, Fortius 15 ICICI Securities
Dec-21 Launch tracker - Pune most diversified... 8 Emkay Research
Nov-21 Residential- the cycle has turned; Office - continued cyclical upswing post covid 6 Nirmal Bang
Nov-21 REITs: Sunny days ahead 12 ICICI Securities
Oct-21 Optimism intact for Residential Real Estate 14 Motilal Oswal
Oct-21 Strong presales momentum 3 HDFC Securities
Oct-21 Volume growth story post second covid wave 4 Nirmal Bang
Oct-21 Commercial Real Estate - cautious optimism 5 Nirmal Bang
Sep-21 Residential: Diwali comes early 11 ICICI Securities
Sep-21 July 2021: Demand continues to increase 13 Edelweiss Securities
Sep-21 Real Estate - Focus Leadership matters 134 Edelweiss Securities
Sep-21 House registrations rise in August 7 Edelweiss Securities
Jul-21 Commercial realty: Soft demand 57 Edelweiss Securities
Jul-21 Long-term drivers intact 3 HDFC Securities
Jul-21 Impact of 2nd covid phase lower than 1st phase 3 Nirmal Bang
Jun-21 Mumbai house registrations fall in May 7 Edelweiss Securities
Apr-21 Headwinds resurging 3 HDFC Securities
Apr-21 Strong growth across segments... 5 ICICI Direct
Mar-21 Key takeaways from Mr. Anuj Puri, Anarock 7 NirmalBang
Mar-21 January 2021: Demand softens slightly 11 Edelweiss Securities
Feb-20 Adjusted for MMR stamp duty impact, demand remains strong 10 Emkay Research
Jan-21 Has COVID triggered a new cycle? 6 HDFC Securities
Oct-20 Time to own real assets – initiating coverage on Mumbai property developers 67 Emkay Research
Oct-20 Commercial Real Estate: Leasing to pick up in CY21 47 ICICI Securities
Sep-20 Realty conference takeaways - high stress in residential segment persists 3 Nirmal Bang
Aug-20 1QFY21 Review: Bruised, but not broken 6 IIFL
Aug-20 Ripe for consumption 40 HDFC Securities
Aug-20 Cautious optimism 9 HDFC Securities
Jul-20 Challenging times... 5 ICICI Direct
Jul-20 COVID – 19 impact clearly visible 4 Nirmal Bang
Jul-20 Greenshoots visible 7 HDFC Securities
Jun-20 Residential housing prices: The cost conundrum 6 ICICI Securities
May-20 COVID-19: Read across from China property market 9 Edelweiss Securities
May-20 Residential real estate - awaiting the stimulus 4 Nirmal Bang
Apr-20 Survival is the key 6 HDFC Securities
Apr-20 Impact of Corona Virus outbreak on commercial real estate 4 Nirmal Bang
Apr-20 Real Estate: Weak quarter 6 ICICI Direct
Apr-20 Multiple Headwinds 9 HDFC Securities
Mar-20 Baking in Covid-19 impact 4 ICICI Direct
Feb-20 Residential real estate - extreme stress continues, worst yet to come 3 Nirmal Bang
Jan-20 Commercial realty: No stopping the juggernaut 52 Edelweiss Securities
Jan-20 Residential real estate - bleak becomes bleaker - worst yet to come 5 Nirmal Bang
Jan-20 Residential realty market to remain weak; Positive on rental portfolio 3 Nirmal Bang
Jan-20 3QFY20E Results Preview 9 HDFC Securities
Nov-19 Stressed realty fund succour for beleaguered sector 11 Edelweiss Securities
Nov-19 Commercial realty: Boom time’s here to stay 48 Edelweiss Securities
Oct-19 Residential Real Estate: Action heats up in festival season 4 ICICI Securities
Oct-19 2QFY20E Results Preview 8 HDFC Securities
Oct-19 Residential Realty Market To Remain Weak; Positive On Rental Portfolio 3 Nirmal Bang
Oct-19 South India facing high stress in residential real estate- worst yet to come 3 Nirmal Bang
Sep-19 The Charge of the Consolidating Brigade 218 Edelweiss Securities
Aug-19 Extreme stress in residential real estate - worst yet to come 3 Nirmal Bang
Aug-19 Bottom yet to come for the residential sector 3 Nirmal Bang
Jun-19 Residential sub-sector continues to be under pressure... 4 Nirmal Bang
Jun-19 RERA: Heading towards Transparency & Accountability 5 Care Research
Apr-19 Real estate sector on resurrection path... 7 ICICI Direct
Apr-19 4QFY19E Results Preview 8 HDFC Securities
Apr-19 Residential Realty Market To Remain Weak; Positive On Rental Portfolio 3 Nirmal Bang
Mar-19 High Stress Continues In Residential Segment 3 Nirmal Bang
Mar-19 Real Estate Newscast - Mar 20, 2019 1 Care Research
Feb-19 GST rate cut a big positive; to provide much needed relief 4 Motilal Oswal
Feb-19 GST rate cut: Much-needed reinforcement 8 Edelweiss Securities
Jan-19 Real Estate: H1FY19 and Update on 2018 6 Care Research
Jan-19 3QFY19E Results Preview 10 HDFC Securities
Jan-19 Gurugram Residential Segment Remains Subdued, U-shaped Recovery Likely 3 Nirmal Bang
Nov-18 Weakness Continues In Bengaluru Residential Segment 3 Nirmal Bang
Oct-18 2QFY19E Results Preview 10 HDFC Securities
Oct-18 Residential Realty Market To Remain Subdued 4 Nirmal Bang
Aug-18 Key Takeaways From Our Interaction With Industry Expert Anuj Puri 3 Nirmal Bang
Jul-18 Opportunity in adversity 11 Edelweiss Securities
Jul-18 Residential Segment Faces Pricing Pressure; Positive On Rental Segment 3 Nirmal Bang
Jun-18 U-shaped Recovery Likely In Residential Segment 3 Nirmal Bang
Jun-18 Real Estate: Yearly Update and Outlook 7 Care Research
Apr-18 4QFY18E Results Preview 9 HDFC Securities
Mar-18 Interaction with Real Estate Industry Expert Anuj Puri - Key Takeaways 3 Nirmal Bang
Jan-18 Real Estate - 3QFY18E Results Preview 9 HDFC Securities
Oct-17 2QFY18E Results Preview 8 HDFC Securities
Sep-17 Knight Frank Remains Bearish On Realty Prices In India 2 Nirmal Bang
Sep-17 Real Estate Day: Turning toward a New Paradigm 8 Motilal Oswal
Sep-17 Eerie Calm Before The Storm 48 Nirmal Bang
Aug-17 Slow start to RERA; Long-term positive 11 Edelweiss Securities
Jul-17 Karnataka RERA notified; risk of operations slowdown 6 Edelweiss Securities
Jul-17 1QFY18E Results Preview 8 HDFC Securities
Jul-17 Bearish Signals Emanate From Industry Conclave 2 Nirmal Bang
Jul-17 GST rate revised to 18% - No impact 6 Edelweiss Securities
Jun-17 Decoding the GST impact 15 Edelweiss Securities
Jun-17 Annuity asset plays remain the preferred bet 60 Emkay Research
Jun-17 Sluggish pace of RERA registrations in Mumbai 7 Edelweiss Securities
Apr-17 4QFY17E Results Preview 8 HDFC Securities
Mar-17 Annuity plays the preferred bet 54 Emkay Research
Feb-17 Real Estate: Opportunities, challenges and outlook 11 Care Research
Jan-17 Real Estate Sector – Demonetisation Impact 2 Nirmal Bang
Jan-17 3QFY17E Results Preview 8 HDFC Securities
Jan-17 Down and out – REPCO our only pick 58 Religare Research
Dec-16 Robust fundamentals burnish prospects 109 Edelweiss Securities
Jun-16 NGT order - Spanner in the works in Bangalore? 4 ICICI Securities
Sep-15 Interest rate cuts—different hues 13 IDFC
Jun-15 India housing: A new normal for demand in metros? 4 ICICI Securities
Jun-15 Motilal Oswal Real Estate 24 Motila Oswal
Jun-15 Bangalore realty: Gloomier than past, but still better off 16 Motila Oswal
Jun-15 Research Forecast Report - Bangaluru 2 Colliers International
Jun-15 Research Forecast Report - Chennai 2 Colliers International
Jun-15 Research Forecast Report - Delhi 2 Colliers International
Jun-15 Research Forecast Report - Gurgaon 2 Colliers International
Jun-15 Research Forecast Report - Mumbai 2 Colliers International
Jun-15 Research Forecast Report - Noida 2 Colliers International
Jun-15 Research Forecast Report - Pune 2 Colliers International
May-15 Office Property Market Overview - April 2015 19 Colliers
May-15 Rental Insight - April 2015 6 Colliers
May-15 Increasing demand trend led by IT/ITeS occupiers 2 Colliers
May-15 Rental Insight Mumbai - April 2015 1 Colliers
May-15 Real Estate Bill: Easing out many concerns but not all 5 Care Ratings
Apr-15 Operational weakness persists; only selective successes 14 Motilal Oswal
Apr-15 Regulatory Bill moves a step forward with cabinet's nod 6 Motilal
Feb-15 Demand Remains Weak But Some Signs of Bottoming Out 16 Citi
Feb-15 Real Estate On (Re)-v-(it)-alized street 50 Motilal
Feb-15 Research & Forecast Report 2 Colliers International
Nov-14 India Property - Demand Closer To The Historical Bottom Now 15 Citi
Oct-14 Mumbai : Office - October 2014 3 Colliers International
Oct-14 Real Estate - Consumers remain unhappy fence-sitters 8 Motilal Oswal
Sep-14 Real estate : Indian REITs - A good time to start 18 ICICI Securities
Jul-14 Real estate sector - on the road to gradual recovery 2 CARE Ratings
Jul-14 REAL ESTATE - REIT: Tax breaks a key positive 6 Edelweiss Research
Jul-14 Expect weaker presales in 1QFY15 14 Motilal Oswal
May-14 Real Estate - A revival in the offing 4 IDFC
Apr-14 Office Property Market Overview INDIA 12 Colliers International
Mar-14 Residential Property Market Overview - February 2014 12 Colliers International
Jan-14 Delhi - NCR Office Market 4 Colliers International
Jan-14 Real Estate Pulse - Early to call a "trough" 49 ICICI Securities