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27-Jul-2018 White Goods Cos to Cut Prices by 8-9%
23-Jul-2018 Discretionary Spending Likely to Gather Steam
13-Jun-2018 Samsung Slashes TV Prices by 20% Under Chinese Assault
01-Jun-2018 Samsung is a 50,000-cr Business in India
30-May-2018 Consumer Appliances will Cost You More
21-May-2018 Sony to Make More Smartphones and Televisions in India
24-Apr-2018 Unseasonal Rains Hurting AC, Fridge Sales this Summer
16-Mar-2018 Top TV Makers Closely Tracking Xiaomi Foray
13-Mar-2018 Videocon May Pull Plug on Philips, Electrolux
08-Mar-2018 Smartphones, TVs a Bigger Hit Online