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Reports Archive
Date Report Name Pages Source Download
Jul-2020 Nepal economy update - June 2020 CARE Research
Jun-2020 Mauritius Economy Update June 2020 CARE Research
Jun-2020 Renewed European Response CD Equisearch
Feb-2020 US Monetary Policy 10  CD Equisearch
Dec-2019 Declining Global Interest Rate 10  CD Equisearch
Nov-2019 Mauritius Economy Update : October 2019 CARE Research
Nov-2019 Fed cuts rates again, but there can be a pause next time CARE Research
Oct-2019 US-Sino Trade War 10  CD Equisearch
Sep-2019 Mauritius Economy Update: Sep 2019 CARE Research
Jun-2019 Amazon Web Services leading transformation to digital Edelweiss Securities
Jun-2019 Nepal economy update: April 2019 CARE Research