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14-May-2021 Fertiliser Stocks may Get a Re-rating as Price Hikes a Possibility Post State Polls
14-Apr-2021 Govt to Sell 20% in NFL, 10% in RCFL Via OFS
12-Aug-2020 Biofertiliser and Urea Likely to be Bundled
06-Aug-2020 Fertiliser Cos Seek Review of Urea Subsidies
05-Aug-2020 Robust Farm Outlook Spurs Rally in Coromandel, Chambal, Others
22-Jun-2020 Zuari Agro to Sell Goa Fertiliser Unit to JV Co PPL for ₹2,135 cr
07-Feb-2020 Fert Min May Seek More Funds to Clear Dues
01-Aug-2019 Non-Urea Fertiliser Subsidy Hiked to Rs. 22,875 cr in FY20
21-Jun-2017 Good Rains Signal Season of Plenty for Farm Sector
02-Jun-2017 Fertiliser Shares Likely to Outperform Market