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This section contains data and information on columnists. This section brings to you archives of writings of some of the top columnists of the The Economic Times.
T K Arun Download
Why is Rs Kept Strong And Who Gains From It?
Not so long ago, people worried about the rapid loss in the value of the rupee; the boot pinches on the other foot now (see the rise in the value of the rupee's exchange rate against a basket of currencies, after taking out the effect of inflation, the so-called Real Effective Exchange Rate, in the graphic alongside).

Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar Download
Greed Drowning Out Fear
The 10th anniversary of the Great Recession, a.k.a. the Great Financial Crisis of 2007-08, has inspired a spate of comments across the globe. Almost without exception, they warn that the lessons of that financial crisis have not been absorbed,