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04-Jun-2021 Serum Seeks Indemnity, Wants Equal Treatment
04-Jun-2021 Govt Finalises Pact for 300 m Doses of Biological E Vaccine
01-Jun-2021 Cipla Seeks Exemptions to Bring Moderna Vax to India
28-May-2021 Pfizer Vax likely by July; Govt Weighs Indemnity Request
28-May-2021 Vaccine Vacuum Gives Birth to a Bunch of Dubious Dealers
28-May-2021 Govt Set to Include Sputnik in Mass Vaccination Drive
27-May-2021 ‘Cadila Vax Found to be Safe for Children Aged 12-18 Yrs’
26-May-2021 Vax Supply: Pfizer Wants Pre-order, Advance Payment
26-May-2021 ‘India Yet to Avail WB Vax Funding’
25-May-2021 Covax Seeks Faster WHO Approval for Covaxin