Date Heading
17-Mar-22 Adobe is Disproportionately Invested in India, says CEO
16-Mar-22 Walmart Bullish on PhonePe, No Call Yet on Flipkart IPO
16-Mar-22 'Walmart's Focused on Supporting Flipkart, PhonePe to be Successful'
16-Mar-22 Airbnb's India Business Almost at pre-Covid Levels: Blecharczyk
16-Mar-22 'Snap to Port India Localisation Playbook Elsewhere'
15-Mar-22 SoftBank in Investment Talks with Tatas, Mahindra: Misra
15-Mar-22 'Excited about India Progress, Fired up for the Opportunity'
15-Mar-22 'Excited about Content Netflix Makes for India, from India'
25-Sep-20 An Influential Leader should Both Expect and Strategise to Win
25-Sep-20 We Put People First, Business Second, Making Money Last
25-Sep-20 For the Next 10 Years, It's About Who has the Better Technology
25-Sep-20 Global Economies Likely to See an 'X'-Shaped Recovery
25-Sep-20 'Digital and Electric Combined Together are the Path to Smart and Green'
25-Sep-20 Travel & Hospitality will Take Another Three Years to Recover
25-Sep-20 'This is Time to Reimagine a Healthier, Inclusive World'
25-Sep-20 Real Challenges will Crop Up in Next 12-18 Months
25-Sep-20 'Shift to Digital Transactions is Permanent and it will Remain'
25-Sep-20 Controlling Pandemic Key for India
24-Sep-20 World Should Get a Covid-19 Vaccine by Early 2021: Gates
24-Sep-20 Quick Response to Pandemic may Help India in Recovery
24-Sep-20 The Travel Industry will Never be the Same Again
24-Sep-20 Philanthropists are Stepping up to Minimise Damage in India