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Arghya Sengupta & Lalit Panda Download
Perils of Complete Justice -- 27-May-22
If a person steals something, the law punishes her regardless of whether she is poor, uneducated or has mouths to feed. But while theft is bad, so are poverty, illiteracy and hunger. This is the difficulty with rules:

Tarun Gauba Download
America, a Danger Zone -- 27-May-22
The world witnessed one of the deadliest shootings in the US on Tuesday at Uvalde, Texas, where an 18-year-old went on a shooting spree killing 18 children and two adults. The shooting prompted Joe Biden to ask why the problem of mass shootings exists in the US like in no other country.

Akhil Ramesh Download
Chip Off the New Block -- 26-May-22
In his first trip to Asia as president, Joe Biden unveiled the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) in Tokyo, before attending the second iteration of the in-person Quad summit.

S Jaishankar Download
African-Indian Ocean Diving -- 25-May-22
As the world marks Africa Day today, it may be appropriate to assess how much the India-Africa partnership has grown on Narendra Modi’s watch. The prime minister’s address to the Ugandan Parliament in July 2018

Seema Sirohi Download
Biden’s India No-Man -- 25-May-22
It’s been 16 months since Joe Biden took office as president. But there is still no US ambassador in India, the longest such gap between envoys. Well-wishers of the relationship are increasingly concerned as one of the largest US embassies remains leaderless.

Harsh V Pant & Shashank Mattoo Download
Is IPEF Just a Global Spin? -- 24-May-22
After 16 months in office, the Joe Biden administration has finally pulled back the curtain on its signature economic initiative: the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF). However, as grand reveals go, IPEF has been more than a little underwhelming.

Kaushik Das Download
How High & Fast, RRR? -- 24-May-22
Two things have changed since the release of the March consumer price index (CPI) data that, coming at 7% against the consensus estimate of 6. 4%, shocked the markets. One, FY2023 CPI inflation forecast has been revised significantly higher, with the average likely to rise even above 7%.

Amitabh Kant Download
India, It’s Re-Reform Time -- 23-May-22
With the world just about recovering from demand and supply shocks, the Russian invasion into Ukraine sent energy markets into disarray since February. Oil and gas prices have spiked, leading to inflationary pressures

M Shumi Akhtar Download
New Aussie Rules Apply for MNCs -- 23-May-22
Now that Australian Labor Party (ALP) leader Anthony Albanese has ousted the conservatives from power and is ready to take over as prime minister, he will also bring with him an election promise to hike corporate tax rates

Manmohan Sethi Download
Not Making States Feel Left Out -- 23-May-22
The Supreme Court judgment on the goods and services tax (GST) should help to better understand the problems that GoI would face in its implementation. Five years is a short time to assess a tax system in a country as vast as India.

Sandip Datta & Geeta Gandhi Kingdon Download
More Missed Than Missing -- 20-May-22
Now that children are being vaccinated and schools are learning to live with Covid, the pressure for hiring more teachers in public schools will grow. This is likely in view of strong teacher unions and the recommendation by the New Education Policy

Aparajita Bharti & Nikhil Iyer Download
Don’t Mule the Unicorn -- 20-May-22
The B N Srikrishna Committee report on ‘A Free and Fair Digital Economy’ (bit. ly/3PtV9oO), which was the basis for the Personal Data Protection Bill, was released in July 2018. Until then, India had 16 unicorns.

Abheek Barua Download
What’s ‘Whatever It Takes’? -- 19-May-22
There seem to be three problems with the current consumer price inflation in India. First, it is undoubtedly high, in a subjective, absolute sense as well as more objectively, close to two percentage points (going by the April print of 7.8%)

Pallava Bagla Download
Better Safe Than Starry -- 19-May-22
India’s most expensive — and riskiest —space mission to carry Indians into space, Gaganyaan, which was initially scheduled for this year, will not happen for another two years.

Neeraj Kaushal Download
A Tale of Last Two Years -- 18-May-22
The immortal opening lines in Charles Dickens’ 1859 historical novel, A Tale of Two Cities, aptly describe the past two years of Covid in India. It was the best of times …

Bharath Jairaj & Niharika Tagotra Download
Put Energy in the Plan -- 17-May-22
India’s power supply situation is making headlines again. As extreme heatwavelike conditions take prevalence over most of the country, peak power demand has been breaking records every other day.

Ajay Jakhar Download
Separate Data from the Chaff -- 16-May-22
A month back, it was clearly evident that wheat yields were down due to the exceptional heatwave and government procurement of wheat would also remain far below last year’s levels. But the mirage of excess production, caused by wrong estimates of wheat

Karan Singh Download
Virtual Quality Control's Ours to Tech -- 16-May-22
After a pandemic-induced break of nearly two years, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced the resumption of physical inspections of foreign manufacturing facilities starting April.

Arun Maira Download
It's Society, Stupid! Not a Machine -- 16-May-22
Three global crises in the new millennium have revealed flaws in the ruling paradigm of economic policies. The 2008 financial crisis, 2020 Covid pandemic, and now, inflation rearing its ugly head across the world.

Yashwant Deshmukh & Manu Sharma Download
Colour By Numbers -- 12-May-22
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has estimated that 4. 74 million people died in India from Covid-19. This number is more than nine times the official count of 0. 52 million deaths.

Hardeep S Puri Download
Steep Spike and Doublespeak -- 12-May-22
India has emerged among the more resilient countries against the Covid pandemic, turning the challenges posed by it into an opportunity.

Seema Sirohi Download
Trumpbomb in the Oven -- 11-May-22
Why do societies work out their demons by dragging women through the same battles again and again? It doesn’t matter whether they are advanced or medieval in outlook or somewhere in between.

Sandipan Deb Download
It's One Sloppy WHOdunit -- 09-May-22
The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that 4. 7 million Indians died of Covid between January 2020 and December 2021. This is nearly 10 times the official Indian government figure.

Bjørn Lomborg Download
Apocalypse Not Now -- 09-May-22
A new United Nations global assessment report, ‘Our World at Risk: Transforming Governance for a Resilient Future’ (bit. ly/3P3FOeh), has revealed the disturbing news that the number of global disasters has quintupled since 1970…

Anil Padmanabhan Download
Retail’s WhatsApp Moment -- 06-May-22
Last week, on April 30, India undertook the soft launch of its audacious plan to democratise the business of retail. It is riding the technological rails provided by the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC)...

Harsh V Pant & Tobias Scholz Download
Cooperation Über Alles -- 06-May-22
Germany’s recently elected centre-left coalition under Olaf Scholz chose India as the partner for its first governmental consultations on May 2. Beyond the signalling effects that Europe’s and Asia’s largest democracies….

Barry Eichengreen, Poonam Gupta & Tim Marple Download
Take CBDC Slow and Easy -- 05-May-22
In her February 1, 2022, budget speech, Nir mala Sitharaman announced GoI’s commitment to issuing a digital rupee. The relevant text ran three sentences in its entirety. ‘Introduction of [a] central bank digital currency (CBDC) will give abig boost to digital economy.

Dhiraj Nayyar & Sugata Ghosh Download
RBI RATE HIKE -- 05-May-22
The global economy is in a tight spot, haunted by the spectre of slowing growth and accelerating inflation. In India, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) finally threw its weight behind inflation, raising the repo rate by 40 basis points (bps) and the cash reserve ratio (CRR) by 50 bps.

Sanjeev Choudhary Download
Taming of the Crude -- 04-May-22
Oil and gas prices began tumbling around the time Narendra Modi took over as the prime minister in mid2014. Oil prices halved in just six months. By mid-2015, liquefied natural gas (LNG) prices had also halved.

Nawshir H Mirza Download
An Audit Kind of Oddity -- 03-May-22
In March, a committee report was published by the ministry of corporate affairs, on the working of the Companies Act. This one, like the many others preceding it, makes recommendations to ease the way business is done in India.

Najib Shah Download
All That Glitters in This CEPA... -- 02-May-22
The text of the much-publicised India-UAE comprehensive economic partnership agreement (CEPA), signed on February 18 and operationalised on Sunday, is in the public domain.

Sanjiv Mehta Download
Brandenburg Gate to Europe -- 02-May-22
Beginning 2011, the India-Germany partnership has been reinvigorated every couple of years by inter-governmental consultations (IGC). The stage is now set for the sixth IGC in Berlin today, where Narendra Modi and Olaf Scholz...

Ateesh Tankha & Syagnik Banerjee Download
Musk's Protective Paybook -- 29-Apr-22
Twitter's transition from a publicly listed company to a privately held firm under the world's richest person is pretty much underway. While many bemoan the fact that Twitter will now be at the mercy of Elon Musk's personal whims…

Sarim Naved Download
Pulling the White Collar -- 29-Apr-22
India needs a new law regarding corporate criminal liability. The current laws, as far as the criminal liability of officers and directors is concerned, are largely silent on the issue. The Companies Act does specify the liabilities of directors…

Anil Nair Download
Enable the Sustainable -- 28-Apr-22
ESG - environmental, social and governance — is no longer just a buzzword. $15 trillion of global funds are focused on this space. Focal areas include carbon stewardship, greening of market offers and the supply chain that delivers it…

Indrajit Hazra Download
Freedom Fighter's Dilemma -- 27-Apr-22
Elon Musk is buying Twitter for an amount that seems reasonable if Twitter's function as The Great Disseminator is taken at face and monetary value. When Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams created…

Seema Sirohi Download
The Bank'n'Fund Show -- 27-Apr-22
The spring meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) ended with a surprise attack by senior US officials. Treasury secretary Janet Yellen and deputy national security advisor Daleep Singh…

Saumay Bhasin & Anirudh Rastogi Download
Unease of Doing Business -- 26-Apr-22
The state has great latitude in matters of law-making. More so in the context of fiscal laws like taxation. There are, however, times when the state overreaches and tests the limits of constitutionality.

Vijay L Kelkar & Pradeep S Mehta Download
Social Distancing Please -- 26-Apr-22
Ministries pertaining to sectors regularly interfere with independent regulators thereby challenging their very independence. These regulatory institutions lie at the heart of India's post reforms economic governance system

Constant Maturity Debt Funds Gain in Long Term Whether Rates Rise or Fall -- 25-Apr-22
Passive investing is slowly catching up in equities and bonds. Passive bond strategies include buy and hold (B&H) and constant maturity debt (CMD). While the former is well received, the latter has not been explored much.

Saibal Dasgupta Download
Not a Happy Lanka Kand -- 25-Apr-22
Anyone looking at the financial crisis and rising protests in Sri Lanka is bound to ask what happens if the government run by the two Rajapaksa brothers, known to be pro-China, crumbles in the coming days.

Sanjeev Bikhchandani Download
The Buck Starts With Founders -- 25-Apr-22
Last Sunday, Sequoia India published atimely blog on governance issues (bit. ly/395Liov). Good governance is essential if you wish to build a company that endures. The problem, however, is that governance is usually not considered urgent

Dipankar Bhattacharya Download
ABoot, But Not a Reboot -- 22-Apr-22
The stock market is re-evaluating information technology (IT), because its expectations have not been met of the industry continuing its stellar run over the course of the pandemic.

Pravin Srivastava, Ashish Kumar & Davendra Verma Download
Hands on Healthy Data -- 22-Apr-22
According to an April 16 New York Times article, ‘India is Stalling the WHO's Efforts to Make Global Covid Death Toll Public' (nyti. ms/3vyaonA), the World Health Organisation (WHO) will soon be releasing data

Neeraj Kaushal Download
Need Aatmanirbhar Naari -- 21-Apr-22
Horror of horrors, Saudi Arabian women now have a much higher work participation rate than Indian women. In recent years, Saudi Arabia has had a series of reforms to reduce gender discrimination

Anjana Menon Download
A VC Way Out, Sequoia? -- 21-Apr-22
US venture capital firm Sequoia Capital is on a roll — an eye-roll of bad news. Since the start of the year, four companies that it invested in have come under the scanner for alleged financial irregularities.

Tushar Gore Download
Communicating Covid -- 20-Apr-22
One remarkable aspect of the Covid pandemic has been the capacity of the broader population to devour wideranging scientific data. This intense appetite has also led to the inevitable flourishing of many fringe ideas.

Poonam Khetrapal Singh Download
Cutting-Edge Tradition -- 19-Apr-22
The launch of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Global Centre for Traditional Medicine (GCTM) on Monday in Jamnagar, Gujarat, marks the beginning of a bold new chapter

Ateesh Tankha Download
Rise of the Dollar Decline? -- 18-Apr-22
I tis a truth universally acknowledged that every dominant fiat currency will rise, and then sink into oblivion. For thousands of years, powerful and prosperous nations have used their coin recklessly

Shantanu N Sharma Download
Let's Not Face It, Set FTAs Free -- 18-Apr-22
India has recently sealed two free trade agreements (FTAs) — with the UAE and Australia — at record speed. They bear significance of what lies ahead: proposed FTAs with Britain, Canada and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

Krishna Gupta & Sparsh Agarwal Download
Reading the Forest's Tea Leaves -- 18-Apr-22
One of the most pertinent ways in which the transfer of climate finance can be facilitated is through the carbon credits mechanism. It represents a market mechanism-driven approach for the transfer of climate finance

MC Govardhana Rangan Download
Inflation & RBI: Is the Maradona Theory Already At Work? -- 14-Apr-22
Until a few weeks ago, central bankers from Jerome Powell to Shaktikanta Das believed that inflation would be transitory. Suddenly, it appears to be lasting.

Anil Padmanabhan Download
India Incs the Dotted Line -- 14-Apr-22
On April 1, new rules for corporate governance were made mandatory by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi). Beginning this fiscal, the top 1,000 companies ranked by market capitalisation will be required to disclose their actions in promoting sustainable growth.

Thomas Mathew Download
Keep All the Lines Open -- 14-Apr-22
India has done well to not just stand its ground but also explain why it stands this ground, on its policy regarding Russia's war in Ukraine in Tuesday's India-US 2+2 ministerial meet.

Seema Sirohi Download
On a Double Date (Plus-1) -- 13-Apr-22
In an unexpected plot twist, the fourth round of India-US 2+2 dialogue of foreign and defence ministers was headlined by Narendra Modi and Joe Biden, no less.

Abheek Barua Download
The Export-Import Business -- 12-Apr-22
India's stellar export performance in 2021-22, with merchandise exports totalling over $400 billion, compared to a pre-pandemic five-year average of $300 billion, has drawn its fair share of both cheerleaders and sceptics.

Arijit Barman Download
Is Your EBITDA Green? -- 12-Apr-22
What on earth has your evening snack of burger and fries got to do with rising sea levels in Mumbai or forest fires in California? Answer: most of what we love eating use ingredients pumped with fertilisers

Anchal Singh & Rahul Rishi Download
Control Can't Be No-Go for NGOs -- 11-Apr-22
Last Friday, the Supreme Court upheld the amendments made by GoI in 2020 to the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA) 2010, which introduced restrictions on the inflow of foreign funds into India.

Ashok V Desai Download
Put Your Bets on Openness -- 08-Apr-22
The exchange between Shashi Tharoor and Nirmala Sitharaman in Parliament on Monday was over too quickly to provoke much interest. Sitharaman did not quite answer the question

Subhash C Garg Download
GST Ghosts for MSMEs -- 08-Apr-22
GoI classifies small businesses in three classes: micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The classification of MSMEs depends on the extent of capital investment made and their turnover.

Seema Sirohi Download
Dodging the Anti-West Potholes -- 06-Apr-22
The diplomatic traffic jam caused by the parade of foreign leaders and senior officials in New Delhi is no cause for self-congratulation or comfort.

Madan Sabnavis Download
Join Forces and Join the Dots -- 06-Apr-22
The history of banking in India has been typified by different kinds of mergers. To begin with, there were mergers or takeovers between new private sector banks like Bank of Punjab and Centurion Bank.

Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay Download
Kejriwal, the Long Player -- 05-Apr-22
Is the BJP worried about its ability to effectively counter the challenge posed by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) after the last tranche of state elections?

MC Govardhana Rangan Download
A Subtle Shift From Friedman To Kelton? -- 04-Apr-22
A popular phrase that economists often borrow to describe inflation is from Milton Friedman: Substantial inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.

Piyush Goyal Download
Austrailer for a Bigger Show -- 04-Apr-22
India's first trade agreement with a developed economy after over a decade is a harbinger of more to come

Akshay Rout Download
Wrap It Up, Swachh From Plastic -- 04-Apr-22
In a March 2022 research paper (bit. ly/3K9lRzW) published in Environmental International, researchers detected microplastics in human blood.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw Download
Covid Made Our Pharma Firmer -- 04-Apr-22
The tectonic shifts that the Covid-19 pandemic brought with it has thrust the Indian biotechnology industry into the global limelight.

Rahul Pandita Download
So, What Next, File-Pushers? -- 01-Apr-22
Beyond endorsing a film, let GoI first set up an investigation into the killing of Kashmiri Pandits

Nitin Purswani Download
NPA More Attention -- 01-Apr-22
Much has been argued, said and written about the odious condition of banks, the piling non-performing assets (NPAs), that need recovering.

Imran Khan's Troubles are of his Own Making -- 31-Mar-22
If no-trust vote is passed, Pak may pursue General Bajwa doctrine on India

William Dalrymple Download
When British Rule Was Nearly Nipped in the Bud -- 31-Mar-22
Why a 19th-century painting that was auctioned at Sotheby's yesterday for ?6.24 crore is so special

Preeti Syal & Meyyappan N Download
From Tomorrow, Crypto Confusion? -- 31-Mar-22
'Virtual digital assets have gained tremendous popularity in recent times and the volumes of trading in such digital assets have increased substantially. 

West Can't Cavil at India for Doing Biz with Russia; it has Erred Too -- 30-Mar-22
Talk of principles is unconvincing as all sides have violated them when it served their national interest

Sachin Chaturvedi Download
Big Gains, High Stakes in BIMSTEC -- 30-Mar-22
As Sri Lanka hosts the 5th Bimstec Summit today, and the grouping marks 25 years of its existence, member states will focus on what, over the last two years, the Covid pandemic has exposed: limited capacities.

Seema Sirohi Download
Oh, The Wise Men From the West -- 30-Mar-22
Western politicians and commentators want India to take sides in the Ukraine war. The daily preaching and pushing — always done without a hint of history or irony — is meant to clarify the Indian mind.

Neeraj Kaushal Download
Sanctions Don't Hurt Putin -- 29-Mar-22
The West's economic sanctions on Russia are brutal. And, yet, they are not working. They will cripple the Russian economy, increase global inflation and trigger a recession in Europe

Vijay Kelkar & Harsha Vardhana Singh Download
Praise Be the Tariff Panel -- 29-Mar-22
Last month, GoI initiated plans for a revamp of the department of commerce to make it more effective to meet its exports target of $2 trillion by 2027. This includes establishing a strengthened trade negotiation ecosystem

- Download
Buy the Dips if Nifty Continues to Trade Above 16,900 Levels -- 28-Mar-22
The benchmark Nifty is likely to find support at 17,000 this week, and a sustained move above 17,350 can take the index higher, possibly to 17,500 levels, said technical analysts.

Parthasarathi Shome Download
Proof of the Tax Pudding -- 28-Mar-22
GoI has made several tax changes during its two terms. Some of them may appear to be small, thus remaining out of everyday discussion outside the business sector.

Bishwajit Bhattacharyya Download
Dollar Aside, Rouble-Rupee Buy-Buy -- 28-Mar-22
Russia's invasion of Ukraine has triggered another global financial crisis. The US has announced it would freeze Russian central bank assets.

Soumya Kanti Ghosh Download
Running Populism on Low Fuel -- 28-Mar-22
Like any other emerging economy, India, too, has very limited fiscal manoeuvrability. This may be the reason it had to tread carefully in crafting a fiscal response to the pandemic.

Kiran Karnik Download
Ushering a Uniform Fetish? -- 25-Mar-22
Universities must be given flexibility about how to use Common University Entrance Test results

Harsh V Pant & Sohini Bose Download
Let's BIMSTEC Together -- 25-Mar-22
It's been 25 years since the formation of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for MultiSectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (Bimstec) in 1997.

Varun Gandhi Download
Have an Invested Interest -- 24-Mar-22
To encourage retail investors, the state should protect them from vagaries of the market and fraud

Indrajit Hazra Download
Bogtui Is No West Side Story -- 24-Mar-22
Fun fact : the village of Bogtui in West Bengal is 5,675 km from the city of Kyiv in Ukraine, and 220 km away from everyone's ‘City of Joy', that urban metropolitan bubble called Kolkata.

Raktim Dutta Download
Leave Tax to Taxperts -- 23-Mar-22
The goods and service tax (GST) seems to have implemented the idea of 'one nation, one market, one tax'.

Sanjaya Baru Download
Swadhin By Another NAM -- 17-Mar-22
With the West having weaponised globalisation, India must insure its economy by aatmanirbharta

Seema Sirohi Download
The Political Theatre of Ro Khanna -- 17-Mar-22
It's well known the US administration has taken a mature position on India's dilemma on Russia's war against Ukraine.

Bibek Debroy & Aditya Sinha Download
Off With Those Headless Laws -- 17-Mar-22
The word 'draconian' comes from the Athenian lawgiver Draco who gave civilisation an important milestone — written laws. Before this, it was ad-hocracy.

Sreeram Chaulia & Urmi A Goswami Download
India faces the sticky issue of balancing its energy imports from 'all-weather' friend with geopolitics

Geeta Goel & Hardika Shah Download
Stir Up Nano Enterprises -- 15-Mar-22
There is substantial evidence to show the importance of small businesses in the growth and vibrancy of an economy, including job creation, sparking innovation and absorbing the shocks of economic cycles.

Surjit S Bhalla, Karan Bhasin & Arvind Virmani Download
Women & Vaccines Make It -- 14-Mar-22
The Narendra Modi government has been associated with several historic developments, both political and economic, and the latest five state elections are suggestive of a strong continuation of this trend.

Samir Saran Download
Know the Risks, Reap the Benefits -- 14-Mar-22
India is among the most technologyadept nations, a function of its people's comfort with IT products and services as well as its late-mover advantage. 

Sanjay Chadha Download
Dinosaurs in the Trade Park -- 14-Mar-22
The recent budget announcement of the successful disinvestment of Neelanchal Ispat Nigam Ltd (NINL) plant at ?12,100 crore brings relief for MMTC Ltd, a state-owned trading firm that holds 49. 7% equity in NINL.

Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay Download
The Win-Win-Win Elections -- 11-Mar-22
TheBJP's emphatic return to power in Uttar Pradesh is undeniably the most significant development in Thursday's 'Result Day' — both for the country as well as for the party's trajectory and internal dynamics.

Mohammad Sajjad Download
UP Makes Its Choice Clear -- 11-Mar-22
The clearest — and certainly loud — message of the Uttar Pradesh verdict is that it has been established that there are now two categories of electorates in the state: majority (non-Muslims) and minority (Muslims). 

Anil Nair Download
So, Are You For or Against Crypto? -- 11-Mar-22
The US has woken up to the criticality of cryptocurrency, with Joe Biden issuing an executive order on Wednesday, requiring the treasury department, commerce department and other key agencies to examine various aspects of 'the future of money' and the role of cryptocurrencies

Bruce Riedel & Vandana Hari Download
Global Warning is Real -- 10-Mar-22
The decision by Joe Biden to ban Russian oil and gas imports to the US reflects the fact that the Ukraine crisis is fundamentally changing US foreign policy. 

Sanjay Banga Download
No More Powerless Poll Promises -- 10-Mar-22
Regardless of which parties win and lose today, political parties of all hues are united on one front: promising free power to customers if they come to power in the five states.

Akshay Rout & Atanu Biswas Download
One result is already out pertaining to the five state elections the verdicts of which will be out tomorrow: voters have scored without distinction.

Vijay L Kelkar & Pradeep S Mehta Download
Independence for Our Regulators! -- 09-Mar-22
India will soon be taking over the presidency of the G20 in 2023. This means it has to show, among other things, its best in economic governance systems, which are comparable to advanced countries' systems.

Pranab Dhal Samanta Download
Don't Go Back in the USSR -- 08-Mar-22
There liability of military supplies from Russia is among India's core national security assumptions — the belief that Moscow and its web of Soviet-era defence manufacturers will service India like their own, regardless of the nature of conflict or adversary.

R R Rashmi Download
Let the Carbon Sink In -- 08-Mar-22
Two contrasting trends in the India State of Forest Report (ISFR) 2021 released on January 13 stand out. One, agrowth in the total forest area as a share of the country's total geographical area. Two, a decline in the area of natural forests, or quality or density of forest cover.

DB Venkatesh Varma Download
Sharp Focus on Eurasia and Globalisatio -- 07-Mar-22
It's been a fortnight since Russia commenced military operations in Ukraine, but the big battles are yet to come. Our concern rightly has been on the wellbeing of our nationals and in getting Indian students out to safety and back home.

Abheek Barua & Sakshi Gupta Download
Just Ride Out the Oiligarchy -- 07-Mar-22
The usual tack for designing investment strategies or economic policies in uncertain times is to create scenarios and assign likelihoods to each of them.

Debjani Ghosh Download
Indian SaaS Bhi Kabhi Global Hogi -- 07-Mar-22
On March 11, 1999, Infosys listed on Nasdaq, marking the beginning of the rise of India's presence as an information technology (IT) powerhouse.

Samir Gandhi Download
Turn the Competition Tap Correctly -- 07-Mar-22
From online food delivery to the price of coal, competition law affects all economic activity in the market. Yet, 12 years after the Competition Act replaced the Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act

Pawan Goenka Download
Auto PLI Scheme Aims to Make Indian Manufacturing Globally Competitive -- 04-Mar-22
Never in my long career have I been so amazed to see the remarkably enabling environment being provided by policymakers to the Indian industry with a view to enhance manufacturing value-add in the country.

Arghya Sengupta & Lalit Panda Download
The Centre's Middlemen -- 04-Mar-22
Forover six decades, the position of the governor has been a source of intense conflict between the Centre and states. Congress-appointed Dharma Vira's dismissal of the first non-Congress government in West Bengal.

Amit Singh Download
Tech's Whirligig Economy -- 04-Mar-22
Tech dealmakers are on the prowl. Large-cap public market multiples have doubled from their January 2020 levels, and the mid caps even more. 2021 witnessed the culmination of the largest leveraged buyout in Indian IT history.

Ashok V Desai Download
Rouble-Rousing Challenges -- 03-Mar-22
Russia unleashed a war with Ukraine. The US and the EU unleashed a war of words in retaliation.

Anjuli Bhargava Download
Mend the Learning Gap -- 03-Mar-22
In March 2020, when it became evident accross states that schools were in for a long spell of closure due to coivd-insitgated lockdown..

Ashok Chawla Download
They're Not Judicial BPOs -- 03-Dec-21
Tribunals have existed in India since the colonial days. But they were of minor significance in the legal architecture.

Prakash Balakrishnan Download
New Accounting, Please -- 03-Dec-21
If data is the new oil, digital platforms must be the new oil rigs. So, the news that NITI Aayog is pressing for issue of digital banking licences by which new banks can be established up in the cloud

Krishnamurthy V Subramanian Download
Hello to a 7%+ Growth Decade -- 02-Dec-21
The latest GDP figures show India bounding ahead. But it's best to mind the elephants in the room

Sanjeev Gupta Download
Just Deal and Deliver the Projects -- 02-Dec-21
A government's fiscal policies can do only so much in advancing that country's growth and prosperity.

Harsh V Pant & Tobias Scholz Download
New Traffic on the Autobahn -- 01-Dec-21
Two months after holding federal elections on September 26, Germany finally sealed a 'traffic light' coalition — Social Democratic Party (SDP; red), Free Democratic Party

Atul Kotwal Download
Taking Good Care of Healthcare -- 01-Dec-21
Even as the Omicron variant of the coronavirus is forcing India to take new measures — keeping the economy open while ensuring Covid protocols, and vaccination reaching all

Madan Sabnavis Download
A Tricky Tool From the Past -- 30-Nov-21
Despite GoI announcing the repeal of the three contentious farm laws, farmers' unions have decided to continue their agitation until their six remaining demands

Pranab Dhal Samanta Download
Discontent of the Dominant -- 30-Nov-21
GoI's decision to repeal the farm laws is undoubtedly a big setback to its reforms agenda. But the bigger worry is the political reality that necessitated this rollback

Shantanu Nandan Sharma Download
WTO in the Time of Omicron -- 30-Nov-21
The Omicron variant of Covid-19 has forced the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to defer its ministerial conference (MC12) that was to be held in Geneva from today.

Siddarth Bhamre Download
Key Indicators Hint at More Weakness for Nifty -- 29-Nov-21
Technical and derivatives analysts see more bearishness going ahead for the Nifty after a decline of over 4% last week in the wake of a new coronavirus variant

Nishant Chadha Download
On a Need-To-Know Basis -- 29-Nov-21
The last 20 months may have been some of the most challenging for policymakers across the world. Policymaking in, and for, a pandemic is challenging.

Sashi Sreedharan Download
Finteching Banks to the Next Level -- 29-Nov-21
India is among the most favourable destinations for fintech companies in the world. Across more than 2,100 fintech companies that exist in India today

Sabyasachi Saha & Sachin Chaturvedi Download
Make Food Security Fair'n'Square -- 29-Nov-21
The 12th World Trade Organisation (WTO) Ministerial Conference (MC12) may have been postponed due to Covid restrictions

Seema Sirohi Download
Dealing the Pak Pack 21.0 -- 14-Oct-21
Recent Congressional hearings on the Afghanistan war are a welcome development for spotlighting Pakistan's destructive and definitive role in ensuring Taliban's victory

Anil Padmanabhan Download
Data's Getting Democratic -- 14-Oct-21
Growing low-cost, high-value transactions mirror new inclusion through credit empowerment

B Prasanna Download
How Reserve Bank's Actions Speak Louder Than Words -- 11-Oct-21
While the monetary policy action was very much on expected lines with policy rates unchanged, the language and tone turned out to be a little more growth supportive than the median expectations of the market.

Abheek Barua & Sakshi Gupta Download
A-Tapering Should We Go? -- 31-Aug-21
Fears of an impending 'taper' by the US Fed — the process by which it reduces the massive infusion of liquidity ($120 billion a month) that it unleashed to fight the Covid- 19 pandemic

Mukesh Butani & Aparna Raman Download
Vi Too Failed To Be Bailed? -- 31-Aug-21
Even as GoI issued draft rules for implementing the recently passed Taxation Laws (Amendment) Act 2021 last Saturday, it is Kumar Mangalam Birla's resignation on August 4 from the Vodafone-Idea (Vi) board that is pivotal

Ketan Dalal Download
Ease of Doing Investments -- 31-Aug-21
The Taxation Laws (Amendment) Act 2021, passed by Parliament on August 4, has been hailed as a major initiative that will send out the right message to foreign investors.

Rahul Sharma Download
A Hold Above 16,700 to Take Nifty to New Highs -- 30-Aug-21
Technical and derivative analysts expect the Nifty to scale new record levels if it sustains above 16,700. Indian benchmark indices closed at all-time high levels on Friday

Bhupender Yadav Download
Fight the Good, Green Fight -- 30-Aug-21
At the Brics environment ministers' meet on August 27, it was emphasised that 'building an inclusive and environmentally sustainable future requires collective global action for poverty eradication

Vijay L Kelkar & Pradeep S Mehta Download
Bring Azadi to Our Regulators -- 30-Aug-21
India's economic governance rests on four principal pillars: legislative, executive, judiciary and regulatory agencies. A fourth pillar is needed: reforms of regulatory agencies.

Sanjeev Krishan Download
All About Bringing It Back Home -- 30-Aug-21
Even as we hunker down for the Covid-19 third wave, India is gearing up to meet its aspiration of becoming a $5 trillion economy.

Saibal Dasgupta Download
Business Class to Afghanistan -- 27-Aug-21
To say that Joe Biden has handed over the key to a rare resource — rare earth elements (REEs) — to the Taliban and, in turn, paved the way to Chinese supremacy in this crucial area, would seem like an overstatement.

Arijit Barman Download
Monitoring the Tutors -- 27-Aug-21
As India minted three new edtech unicorns in August alone, taking the total number to five, the question can well arise: is a middle-class parent from Chennai with a schoolgoing kid any different from one in Chengdu in China?

Abhijit V Banerjee & Rukmini Banerji Download
Going Back to School Again -- 26-Aug-21
Given that schools have been closed for more than 18 months, the first priority for India now is ensuring a smooth transition back to school.

Jay M Sanklecha Download
Recognising Afghanistan -- 26-Aug-21
With the Taliban effectively taking over control of most parts of Afghanistan, countries will have to decide whether to formally recognise a new government in that country, and, if they do, under what conditions.

Yashwant Deshmukh & Manu Sharma Download
Count on India, Make It Count -- 25-Aug-21
Like it or not, caste is the basis of social structure in India. It cuts across religious, regional, linguistic and economic lines.

Atanu Biswas Download
Boost, Booster, Boostest? -- 24-Aug-21
In the middle of acute vaccine shortage in many parts of the world, some wealthier countries are administering 'booster' doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to their citizens.

Pranab Dhal Samanta Download
Many Emirs of Afghanistan -- 24-Aug-21
The political uncertainty in Afghanistan since August 15, when the Taliban rolled into Kabul, bares the most significant distinguishing factor between the Taliban of the1990s

Amitabh Kant Download
Home is Where the Cash Is -- 23-Aug-21
2021 has already seen as many as 22 startups having turned unicorns. This is the perfect time for an Indian startup to raise money in Indian markets from the Indian public through initial public offerings (IPOs).

Rashmin C Sanghvi Download
Making One's Tax Presence Felt -- 23-Aug-21
The July 1 proposal by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) for digital taxation isn't good news for India, or for countries of market (CoMs).

Bibek Debroy & Amit Kapoor Download
A Coming-of-Old-Age Story -- 23-Aug-21
All too often, India is spoken of as a young society and economy, with the expected demographic dividend. A demographic dividend is not open-ended.

Neeraj Kaushal Download
Pushing the Real OBCs Out -- 20-Aug-21
The really backward castes of India must beware. The upper castes have sneaked into the central and state governments' lists of other backward classes (OBCs) and are enjoying the benefits of reservation

Najib Shah Download
For That Spurt in Export -- 20-Aug-21
Details of the long-awaited scheme for Remission of Duties and Taxes on Exported Products (RoDTEP) approved by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs in March 2020, were finally notified on Tuesday.

Saibal Dasgupta Download
Can They Talibank on Them? -- 19-Aug-21
Why China has chosen to wait and watch before recognising the new dispensation in Afghanistan

Debasish Panda Download
Keeping Savings Safer -- 19-Aug-21
India has always prided itself on its high savings rate, which stands much above the global average at a healthy 28.35%, despite a slight decline over the years.

Anish Behl Download
Banking on Insurance's Success -- 18-Aug-21
Insurance penetration numbers as a ratio of premium-to-GDP could see better days. In 2001, just after the sector was opened up, life and general insurance penetration was 2.15% and 0.56% respectively.

Seema Sirohi Download
From Bin Laden to Joe Biden -- 18-Aug-21
The US flag came down in Kabul on August 15 -- take special note of the date -- as the Taliban marched into Kabul. They have come back more powerful, more organised, more media-savvy and in control

Rakesh Sood Download
Withdrawal Symptoms -- 17-Aug-21
On August 15, as India celebrated its 75th Independence Day, Kabul fell to the Taliban. Later in the day, former President Ashraf Ghani, accompanied by his aides, left the country.

Bruce Riedel Download
Underestimating Taliban-Pakistan -- 17-Aug-21
Joe Biden's Afghan gamble is collapsing suddenly, and spectacularly. Badly implemented, reckless, hasty and poorly planned, it was based on a disastrous agreement signed by the Trump administration

TV Ramachandran Download
Broaden Indian Broadcasting -- 17-Aug-21
Indian broadcasting today faces enormous challenges in terms of business health, as well as continued availability of adequate quantum of critical spectrum resource on interference-free basis.

Jyotsna Puri Download
Let COP26 Not Be a Cop-Out -- 16-Aug-21
At a G7 meeting in March, countries announced their netzero emissions plans. More troubling than the lack of detail has been the absent voice of developing countries in discussions around low-emissions, net zero or decarbonisation.

C P Gurnani Download
Gear the Nation Up for Innovation -- 16-Aug-21
Research and innovation are significant pillars for an Aatmanirbhar Bharat. And, yet, India's gross expenditure on R&D is a mere 0.65% of its GDP. This is lower than the1.5- 3% spent by the top10 economies.

Gilles Verniers Download
Count, Don't Just Categorise -- 13-Aug-21
On Tuesday, Parliament amended the Constitution in a rare consensus between majority and opposition, reigniting an old debate about the need to use caste to mitigate castebased inequalities.

Dhiraj Nayyar Download
More, Not Less, Handholding -- 13-Aug-21
Zomato's June quarter result communication consisted of a curious message for its investors. Through a note at the end of the letter to its shareholders, the food delivery company's...

Kiran Somvanshi Download
Start of India's Market Affair? -- 13-Aug-21
Despite all the paeans to 1991 reforms, for 30 years, India's general public hasn't harboured any real love for the market economy. Does anyone recall a PIL for economic freedom or a protest in favour of privatisation or a rally against price control?

Tarun Bajaj Download
It's Certainly About Certainty -- 12-Aug-21
The Taxation Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2021, is a transformational piece of tax legislation, and not just because of its scope and content, but also because of the narrative it has engendered.

Sanjay Chadha Download
India, Get Your FTA in the Door -- 12-Aug-21
With countries increasingly resetting their approach to trade agreements, India is also stepping up its efforts to overhaul its free trade agreement (FTA) strategy.

Gireesh Shrimali Download
Energy to Pull In and Push Out -- 12-Aug-21
According to the 6th assessment report (AR-6) of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), we will very likely cross the1.5° C warming target around 2030,10 years earlier than what AR-5 predicted.

Prashant Reddy T Download
Off With the Tribunals! -- 11-Aug-21
The enactment of the Tribunals Reforms Act, 2021, by Parliament on Monday — shutting down multiple tribunals, including the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB)

Vinod Thomas Download
Zero Carbon for India First -- 10-Aug-21
On Monday, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its Sixth Assessment Report (AR-6, bit.ly/3xz8BNK).

Apoorva Javadekar Download
Factor in Factoring Regulation -- 10-Aug-21
End-July, Parliament passed the Factoring Regulation (Amendment) Bill 2020, which is expected to ease working capital financing for MSMEs by allowing more banks and NBFCs to enter the factoring business.

Pranab Dhal Samanta Download
Thaw the Cold War and Serve -- 10-Aug-21
The1990s often serve as the natural reference point to the ongoing rapid Taliban military resurgence in Afghanistan. But it may be more instructive to hark back to the mid-1980s to understand the present context better.

Rahul Sharma Download
Nifty Could Touch 16,500-16,600, Support at 15,915 -- 09-Aug-21
The Nifty could resume its upmove this week with technical analysts targeting 16,500-16,600 on the index. They advise a buy-on-dips strategy in case the Index slips towards 16,000.

Anil Padmanabhan Download
Paani Puri: Tap Its Success -- 09-Aug-21
Last month, Puri in Odisha added a new claim to its list. It became the first city in India to provide every household with a 24x7 drink-fromtap connection.

Anju Virmani & TCA Avni Download
No Need to Discard 'Hot' Vaccines -- 09-Aug-21
Covid vaccines have been the centre of all our attention. However, only China's Sinopharm has reportedly labelled its vials with monitors to detect heat damage.

Harsh Gupta Madhusudan Download
The Gentle Art of Honey Collection -- 09-Aug-21
GoI has finally decided to not carry the burden of retrospective taxation anymore. Removing the Damocles' Sword that was hanging over a dozenodd companies was the right thing to do.

Harish Nambiar Download
The Gertrude Stein of Brabourne -- 06-Aug-21
In 1998, as the bureauman of a Kolkata paper in Mumbai, I was asked to get in touch with two writers, Suketu Mehta and Kiran Nagarkar,

Shankar Sharma & Devina Mehra Download
It's Pouring Returns in the Small-cap Space. What Next? -- 05-Aug-21
We were recently dwelling on this very interesting dichotomy that we have witnessed in the Indian stock market in the last 15 months or so.

John Brittas Download
God's Own Covid 'Debate' -- 05-Aug-21
Trashing the Kerala model has become an Olympic sport despite the facts and figures in plain sight

Anjana Menon Download
The Gig is Up, As is Its Stock -- 05-Aug-21
In an unusual move, Unacademy, the education technology startup that's valued at $3.4 billion, said it will offer stock options to teachers on its platform as soon as they complete three years.

Rathindra Basu Download
It's a Meta-Physical Mindgame Too -- 05-Aug-21
Stress has always been an inescapable part of human competitive endeavours. Sports is no exception. Mental strength is the yin to the yang of physical prowess.

Abhishek Banerjee Download
A Dangerous Myth-Making -- 03-Aug-21
In March 2020, the Kerala government approached the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) with a curious request. They had heard of a wonder drug from Cuba

Subimal Bhattacharjee Download
How to Avoid Lailapurs -- 03-Aug-21
As the after-effects of the violent clashes on the Assam-Mizoram border on July 26 at Lailapur-Vairengte sector continued

Ravinder Takkar, MD, Vodafone Idea Limited Download
Telcos Breathed O2 into People's Lives During Pandemic -- 05-Jul-21
A group of children in a village named Parapetta in Kerala were cut off from the education system due to lack of telecom connectivity.

Kaushik Basu, Professor Of Economics Cornell University, US Download
Game Theory To Practice -- 01-Jul-21
I am now convinced that economic policy is so poorly crafted because it is developed by consensus among politicians. If an airplane was designed by this method

Ateesh Tankha, Former head, Citi Merchant Services Download
The Great Indian Social Media Circus -- 01-Jul-21
In the US, a war appears to have commenced in earnest against big tech. Concerned that opaque processes and unconstrained financial muscle will lead to absolute dominance in ecommerce...

Anil Agarwal, Executive Chairman, Vedanta Resources Download
Vedanta's a Tech Savvier Version of Itself Now -- 30-Jun-21
Martin Luther King, Jr. famously said, “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” I am an eternal optimist, not because I believe circumstances are always favourable...

Saugata Gupta MD & CEO, Marico Limited Download
As Covid Hit, It was People First and Biz Next at Marico -- 25-Jun-21
The discussion about the pandemic and the business ecosystem invariably revolves around the business. Questions such as the impact on revenues and growth projections, operational disruptions, etc. are routine.

Deepak Parekh, HDFC - Chairman Download
Recovery to be Patchy and Uneven -- 24-Jun-21
Housing Development Finance Corp (HDFC) chairman Deepak Parekh believes that the Indian economic recovery could be 'patchy and uneven' as it would be with the rest of the world...

Anish Shah, MD & CEO, Mahindra Group Download
Silver Linings Coming Back From Covid -- 22-Jun-21
The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged the premise of the word 'normal'. The economic and social disruption it has caused has been felt by mankind globally, whether it was a dramatic loss of human life...

B Prasanna Download
Monetary Policy Likely to Normalise in Q4 -- 07-Jun-21
The Reserve Bank of India's monetary policy outcome was less about rates and more about the policy language, rate stance, forward guidance and liquidity infusion through the Government Securities Acquisition Programme (GSAP).

Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay Download
Dunce of Democracy? -- 30-Apr-21
On April 6, West Bengal remained the lone state where assembly elections were yet to be completed. An unremitting rise in daily Covid-19 cases since coincided with the campaigning in Bengal reaching a crescendo.

Jamil Khatri Download
Can We Afford to Rush? -- 30-Apr-21
Finance teams in corporate India and their auditors are currently dealing with two completely different challenges. On the one hand, they are facing personal challenges arising out of the brutal second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic across India.

K Srinath Reddy Download
Remove Spikes on the Road -- 29-Apr-21
As India sets out on an ambitious journey of vaccinating all persons above 18 years against the spiky virus that causes Covid-19, from May 1, there are several spikes that must be cleared from the road to universal vaccination.

Kiran Somvanshi Download
Circulation is Healthy -- 29-Apr-21
Months before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, a high-level group formed by the15th Finance Commission had, among other recommendations, held that the subject of health be transferred from the state list to the concurrent list of the Constitution.

Seema Sirohi Download
America Finally Feels It -- 28-Apr-21
The crisis of confidence — or rather the crisis of silence — when India's pain seemed invisible to the US administration has lessons, starting with the biggest one: public diplomacy matters in times of trouble.

Sunil Kumar Sinha Download
The Rs.623.75 Bn Question -- 27-Apr-21
With the accelerated Phase 3 strategy of Covid-19 vaccination to start from May 1, allowing persons of 18 years and above to vaccinated, an estimated 841.95 million out of India's population of 1,333 million will be eligible for anti-Covid shots.

Jug Suraiya Download
O Barter, Where Art Thou? -- 27-Apr-21
Like the ebb and flow of ocean tides, the human sea of migrant labourers who had surged out of cities to return home after their incomes were jeopardised by the first lockdown, and who eddied back in search of urban employment...

Sushil Kumar Modi Download
Lend the Sector a Pawan Hand -- 27-Apr-21
The push for largescale privatisation and monetisation of assets was a key feature of this year's budget. One of the key proposals related to this move was the reiteration of 'full privatisation' of the state-owned helicopter company...

Surjit S Bhalla Download
We Must Listen to Vax Populi -- 26-Apr-21
There will be a time for deep analysis of what could have been done differently, and how to prepare for future pandemics. But now is the time for unity and coordinated action to end the acute phase of the pandemic in India.

Priyanjali Maitra Download
In Mutual Funds-Interesting Times -- 26-Apr-21
One of the largest impacts of Covid-19 has been the crippling impact on retail investor sentiments. A sector that is the lifeblood of every large bank was haemorrhaging money with mutual fund and systematic investment plan (SIP) numbers at record lows.

Meenal Baghel Download
Shortage of Oxygen of Truth-Telling -- 26-Apr-21
During the 1943 Bengal famine, when the death toll ran over two million, the British government tried hard to suppress data from coming out. There was pressure on newspapers to calm public fears...

Omkar Goswami Download
Mayday! Mayday! in April -- 23-Apr-21
When Covid-19 surfaced in India in late February 2020, it was understandable that we were not prepared. We did not comprehend the extent of the epidemic and its epidemiology. We had insufficient testing kits.

Arvind Mayaram Download
How to Fix Our Infra PPProblems -- 23-Apr-21
The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (Unctad) estimates that to meet sustainable development goals (SDGs) by 2030, annual investments of around $4.5 trillion will be needed in developing countries.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw Download
Lessons From the 2nd Wave -- 22-Apr-21
The second Covid-19 wave has hit India, and hit it hard. Record jumps in coronavirus infections on a daily basis have pushed health infrastructure to the brink in several states.

Narayani Ganesh Download
The Plastic Pandemic -- 22-Apr-21
We are fearful of breathing in the air around us because there's a pandemic. A paper published in the Lancet (bit.ly/2Qj55rr) last week states that the Covid-19 virus could be largely airborne, more than transmission via droplets and contaminated surfaces.

Dhanendra Kumar Download
Everything is 'Essential' -- 21-Apr-21
We are all passing through extraordinary times. People are stuck indoors not by choice but by Covid-instigated government orders of lockdowns and curfews, largely due to people not adhering to Covid protocols.