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Harsh Gupta Madhusudan Download
High Taxes for Cryptocurrency Helped India Dodge the Bullet -- 05-Jan-23
In November 2021, bitcoin was almost at $65,000 and has since fallen by around three-fourths.

K Srinath Reddy Download
A Healthy Protein Regime -- 30-Dec-22
A safe sub-unit protein vaccine will further enhance booster protection against Covid variants.

Sanjiv Mehta & Alok Kshirsagar Download
A Happy New Century -- 30-Dec-22
600 million jobs and a six-fold increase to Rs.1 million per-capita income with a doubling of female labour force participation.

Piyush Goyal & Don Farrell Download
IN AGREEMENT, MATE! -- 29-Dec-22
The India-Australia FTA is big deal for both, especially when a new gloabal trade order is emerging.

Tushar Gore Download
About 'Hybrid Immunity' This Time -- 29-Dec-22
It was almost three years ago that the world was left guessing on the appropriate reaction to the news of a virus circulating in China...

Bhavish Aggarwal Download
India on Right Track to Be Global EV Hub -- 28-Dec-22
2022 will be remembered as the year in which India's EV revolution truly took off.

Anil Nair Download
Digitalismanic Change -- 28-Dec-22
GoI's digital approach to providing citizen services at scale is beginning to define it.

Ateesh Tankha & Syagnik Banerjee Download
Face(book) the Facts -- 27-Dec-22
On December 5, Facebook issued a warning to the US Congress in response to the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA) that laid out rules to force digital platforms to pay news publishers for their content

Srinivas Varadarajan Download
The Power of Commas and Colons in RBI Speak -- 26-Dec-22
Central bank watching is like an art form, fascinating in all its nuances, as also a science, a skill to develop.

Devi Shetty Download
Been There, So Let's Do That -- 26-Dec-22
Boardroom discussions across India have changed now from 'the next big thing' to ‘next what?'.

Akshay Rout Download
Let's Face the Facts With a Mask -- 26-Dec-22
Covid is back. But once bitten, twice shy. So, the high alert sounded by GoI, and the mobilisation of infrastructure, services and logistics

Sanjeev Choudhary Download
How India's Filling the Fuel Tank -- 26-Dec-22
How well has India responded to the world's first truly global energy crisis that unsettled markets, sent prices to record highs, and created shortages in many places?

Subramanian Swaminathan Download
How Not to Become China -- 23-Dec-22
India is not immune to BF.7, but we are better prepared — wastewater sampling can be a strategy

Saibal Dasgupta Download
Semiconducting This War -- 22-Dec-22
US has further tightened the tech screws on China, thereby making an expensive gamble

Srikanth Subramanian Download
Innovate Responsibly -- 22-Dec-22
On Tuesday, during his visit to India, Sundar Pichai underlined that Alphabet and Google want to be a ‘responsible and constructive partner' in the Digital India mission and drive innovation in a responsible regulatory ecosystem. 

Seema Sirohi Download
Business-er Than Usual -- 21-Dec-22
A few steps from the Oval Office entrance hangs a large photo featuring a beaming Narendra Modi flanked by Joe Biden and Indonesia's Joko Widodo.

N Chandrasekaran Download
Globalisation Is Our Business -- 20-Dec-22
The B20 India business agenda is aligned to India's G20 presidency of taking all countries forward

Ajay Tyagi Download
Don't Keep It a Secret -- 20-Dec-22
Lok Sabha Question No. 863 for December 12 on 'breach of inflation target' asked the finance minister to state

Indrajit Hazra Download
Drink From Another's Cup -- 19-Dec-22
An Indian World Cup watcher's 'emotional contagion' provides him pleasure via other countries

Tejesh Chitlangi Download
They Need Help, SEBI -- 19-Dec-22
Indian alternative investment funds (AIF) industry — primarily composed of private equity, venture capital, debt, public market and other privately pooled investment vehicles

Poonam Gupta Download
To Turn the Outflows Tide -- 16-Dec-22
Extending a swap line to India should be in the interest of US Federal Reserve as well as RBI

Ajay Seth & Michael D Patra Download
India's Finclusion for the World -- 16-Dec-22
As the first three-day finance and central bank deputies (FCBD) gathering under India's G20 presidency ended on Thursday, the G20 Finance Track gets ready...

Indrajit Hazra Download
When All Roads Led to THAT Bit -- 15-Dec-22
Messi was at the heights of his mischievous mastery in the semi-final against Croatia on Tuesday night

Jai Arjun Singh Download
Picking a Picture, Not Fight -- 15-Dec-22
RRR's Golden Globe nominations say as much about awards as about films they 'discover'

Amar Patnaik Download
Firm Up eDefence Walls -- 15-Dec-22
On November 23, servers and the e-hospital network at the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (Aiims), Delhi, crashed owing to an alleged ransomware attack.

Bibek Debroy & Aditya Sinha Download
Horseriding on Rail Tracks -- 14-Dec-22
Path dependence suggests that actions in the present are constrained by actions made in the past.

Tushar Gore Download
Make Making a Big Deal -- 14-Dec-22
Social media companies are trending these days. Before Twitter captured the headlines, Meta, Facebook's parent company, made a splash because of a steep decline of about 30% in its share price.

Vivek Johri Download
Customs, an Evolving Tradition -- 13-Dec-22
The Customs Act, 1962, enacted 60 years today, is often cited as a model piece of legislation for its brevity, simplicity of expression, and logical sequence of chapters and provisions.

Anil Padmanabhan Download
Startups Lift Off, Watch This Space -- 13-Dec-22
Last month has been exceptional for the Indian space sector. It started with the successful launch and complex placement of 36 communication satellites of London-based OneWeb

Arvind Panagariya & R Jagannathan Download
Narendra Modi's 'Gujarat model' has stood BJP in good stead, now on track for Lok Sabha poll success

Dhiraj Nayyar Download
Change Climate of Climate Action -- 12-Dec-22
Much of the multilateral discussion and collective decision-making on climate change takes place at the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNCCC)

Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay & Gilles Verniers Download
Savouring the Preparation -- 09-Dec-22
BJP's mammoth win in Gujarat and slim loss in Himachal further cement PM Modi's singular value

Soumya Kanti Ghosh Download
India's Re-Ordered Its Economy -- 09-Dec-22
The ongoing World Cup has revealed that a change is brewing in the global football order with a convergence between the traditional superpowers of Latin America and Europe...

Manish Maheshwari Download
Elon Ranger or Free Bird? -- 08-Dec-22
Twitter's best chance to become decentralised is with Musk. But will he act on it?

Ramnath Krishnan Download
Inflation Remains Centre-Stage -- 08-Dec-22
As expected, RBI's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) delivered a stepped-down 35-basis-point (bps) rate hike in the December 2022 policy review

Ateesh Tankha & Prakash Balakrishnan Download
CBDC Heebie-Jeebies? -- 07-Dec-22
If the digital rupee isn't just hype, how does one go about to make it a real disrupter?

Jiten Doshi Download
India's Capex Cycle Sets the Stage for a $10 Trillion Economy -- 06-Dec-22
India has moved from a $300 billion economy to $3 trillion in 30 years. The vision is to become a $10 trillion economy by 2031.

Abhijit V Banerjee Download
A Dosti With Differences -- 06-Dec-22
Myfriend Vikram Kirloskar, vice-chairman and animating spirit behind Kirloskar-Toyota, died last week.

Neeraj Kaushal Download
Negative to Affirmative Action -- 06-Dec-22
The Supreme Courts of India and the US have played critical roles in steering reverse discrimination policies in their countries. The contrast in their approaches could not be starker.

Jayant Sinha Download
Greenbacking the Green Agenda -- 06-Dec-22
COP27 ended with the clear understanding that trillions of dollars need to flow from developed countries to help developing ones to reach net zero.

Ajay Chhibber Download
Rid the Bretton Deadwood -- 05-Dec-22
At G20, India should shake IMF, World Bank et al out of their lethargy into financing green initiatives

Neil Gray Download
Scot Free For a Climate Partnership -- 05-Dec-22
A little over a year ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to the stage in Glasgow, Scotland, and made an historic announcement that will shape the future of India forever.

Sanjiv Kapoor Download
A Change of Domestic Flight Plans -- 05-Dec-22
Since I assumed my new role in Jet Airways, I have heard two things repeatedly, 'Full-service carriers (FSCs) are doomed to failure,' and 'A bankrupt airline cannot be revived and create value.

Saibal Dasgupta Download
Will the Xi Hit the Ceiling? -- 02-Dec-22
Beijing is desperate to avoid the growing protests turning into a pro-democracy movement

Vikas Swarup Download
India's G20-20 Vision -- 02-Dec-22
Yesterday, India took over the presidency of G20, the world's most influential economic multilateral forum.

T Koshy Download
India's ONDC can shape the future of global Ecoomerce : CEO T Koshy -- 24-Nov-22
At ET India Rising, Powered by Visa, ONDC MD and CEO T Koshy mapped out an Indian blueprint for next-generation ecommerce

Dinesh Khara Download
Financial System as Partner Key to Infra Push: Khara -- 24-Nov-22
It took us 50 years to become a $1trillion economy and we have added a trillion every fifth year.

Rakesh Jain Download
Role of Human-Machine collaboration in the augmentation of the Insurance Industry -- 23-Nov-22
Two decades into the 21st Century, and we have already seen a pandemic of gigantic proportions...

Mythili Bhusnurmath Download
In Spirit, If Not In Letter -- 31-Oct-22
With RBI's report to GoI on crossing inflation target band confidential, here's an imagined draft

Dhanendra Kumar Download
Remove Froth in Surfactant Sector -- 31-Oct-22
Last week, a rather pointless row broke out when BJP and Congress politicians accused the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) of pouring 'toxic chemicals' into the Yamuna.

Krishna Srinivasan Download
Digital in the Time of Slowdown -- 31-Oct-22
Asia's strong economic rebound from the pandemic is losing momentum. Three main headwinds mar the outlook

Manoj Joshi Download
Chipping Away at Beijing -- 28-Oct-22
The US restrictions on China's access to US semiconductor technology will have pushbacks

Anjuli Bhargava Download
Still Up in the Air India -- 28-Oct-22
Singapore Airlines' (SIA) recent confirmation that it is in talks with the Tata Group about merging Vistara

Sonal Varma & Aurodeep Nandi Download
Be Prepared for the Impact -- 25-Oct-22
Despite strong foundations, India's recovery will likely be cut short by the incoming global slowdown

Dmitry Konov Download
Packing the Food Right -- 25-Oct-22
The issue of food security in developing countries is becoming more acute.

Prakash Chandra Download
Whose Space Is It Anyway? -- 24-Oct-22
India should legislate a Space Act to have a major role in establishing norms of behaviour in space

Shrinivas V Dempo Download
India Slips, But Canters On -- 24-Oct-22
The global supply and inflation shocks have dragged down India's GDP growth forecasts over the past three months.

Amarjeet Sinha Download
Get a LiFE, Change a World View -- 24-Oct-22
Natural resources are finite, human greed is not.

Subimal Bhattacharjee Download
The Chips Are Getting High -- 21-Oct-22
The US is getting its act together in denying China technology. India must also get strategic

Dinesh Kanabar Download
Charity Begins With Taxes -- 21-Oct-22
We live in times when conducting charitable activities is regarded as an essential tool for addressing the inequities in society.

Bibek Debroy & Aditya Sinha Download
Hungry for Sensationalism -- 20-Oct-22
The flawed Global Hunger Index methodology shows India must reform its statistical system

Suresh Prabhu & Shobhit Mathur Download
Unlearn, Then Relearn -- 20-Oct-22
Higher education in India is facing a moment of reckoning.

Saibal Dasgupta Download
Hand That Rocks the Cradle -- 19-Oct-22
How powerful Xi Jinping emerges from the party conclave will determine China's global dealings

P K Sinha Download
Road to PraGati Maidan -- 19-Oct-22
In October 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had launched the PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan for Multimodal Connectivity.

Seema Sirohi Download
The India Story Goes to Washington -- 18-Oct-22
No joint communiqué came at the end of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) annual meetings because Russia blocked it.

Ahmed Naser AI-Raisi Download
Hands Up! It's the Interpol Meeting -- 18-Oct-22
In July 2022, India joined Interpol's (International Criminal Police Organisation) child sexual abuse database.

Raghuram Rajan Download
We Can All Bank on Doug -- 17-Oct-22
Nobel laureate Douglas Diamond's works are not just elegant but also greatly influence policy

Nidhi Kaicker, Aashi Gupta & Raghav Gaiha Download
Did Covid Lower Food Diversity? -- 17-Oct-22
Much debate and discussion swirls around the latest Global Hunger Index (GHI) that was released on Friday

Aruna Sharma Download
Some Offline-Online Parity, Please -- 17-Oct-22
The Parliamentary Standing Committee presented its report (bit. ly/3S1cp4E) on the promotion and regulation of ecommerce in India in June.

Ajay Tyagi Download
RBI, Keep Calm & Carry On -- 14-Oct-22
Instead of hinting at intervention, GoI should consider tweaking the inflation target by law

Parameswaran Iyer Download
From Outlays to Outcomes -- 14-Oct-22
One of the significant achievements of the Narendra Modi government is the actual delivery of basic services

Gautam Trivedi Download
India: To Decouple or Not to ,That is the Question -- 13-Oct-22
Domestic demand in India has surged in the past two quarters.

Anjuli Bhargava Download
Globetrotters to the Rescue -- 13-Oct-22
Indian carriers are likely to grow more dependent on air travellers flying on international routes

Manish Sabharwal & Rishi Agrawal Download
Catch China's 'Migrants' -- 13-Oct-22
Ezra Vogel's 2011 biography, Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China, shows that pragmatism, not communism, made China the world's factory.

Neeraj Gambhir Download
US Interest Rate Puzzle -- 12-Oct-22
Q. What goes faster than the speed of light?

Gilles Verniers Download
The Meaning of Mulayam -- 11-Oct-22
MULAYAM SINGH YADAV 1939-2022 He represents a quintessential form of doing politics in India

Daljit Singh Download
Feel Discom Discomfort? -- 11-Oct-22
In August, the Electricity (Amendment) Bill (EAB) 2022 was introduced in Lok Sabha.

Sriram Velayudhan, Rajesh Palviya & Sameet Chavan Download
Uncertainty Looms Large; Nifty Needs to Cross 17,450 Level to Reach 18,000 -- 10-Oct-22
Technical charts are pointing to a period of uncertainty this week. 

Anil Kumar Jain Download
Energy Security is Balancing of Green Thrust, Fossil Fuels -- 10-Oct-22
India has rightly stuck to its use of coal which commands over 70% in power generation and makes up for over half of total primary energy supply mix.

Seema Sirohi Download
With China getting more aggressive, Pentagon seems more willing to open the armoury for India -- 10-Oct-22
With China getting more aggressive, Pentagon seems more willing to open the armoury for India.

Rajdeep Roy Download
Every Community's Best Friend -- 10-Oct-22
Recently, a fake news item went viral on social media. 

R S Sharma Download
Wean India Off Imported Energy -- 10-Oct-22
energyindependent while providing sustainable, affordable energy access to all. 

Poonam Gupta & Arvind Panagariya Download
Free These White Elephants -- 07-Oct-22
When all costs and benefits are considered, privatisation of public banks can only be good.

Ajay Tyagi Download
Markets, A Capital Idea -- 07-Oct-22
The resilience shown by India's capital markets in the post-Covid era has been remarkable.

Kanwal Sibal Download
Russo-Ukrainian War: India Right in giving Prominence to its Strategic Preferences -- 06-Oct-22
Russia's referenda and annexation of 4 eastern Ukrainian regions have exacerbated situation.

Anil Padmanabhan Download
Beyond Bollywood & Yoga -- 06-Oct-22
DPGs — digital public goods — and soon G20 will showcase India's new soft power capabilities.

Nilanjan Banik Download
The Import of Imports -- 06-Oct-22
Trade numbers for 2022-23 are looking dismal. For Q1 and Q2, the current account deficit (CAD) is expected to be the highest in nine years.

David J Shulkin Download
Healthtech by the Horns -- 04-Oct-22
With India's leadership in technologybased companies, abundant talent in medical science and the growing number of healthcare startups - now numbering over 7,000 - it is poised to become a world leader in digital health and medical innovation.

Mythili Bhusnurmath Download
Policy Sticks to Its Script -- 03-Oct-22
Downside risks to growth could well warrant a shift away from withdrawal of liquidity.

Sunil Alagh Download
Let the Spending Festivities Begin -- 03-Oct-22
There are two views on sales during this festive season from October to December.

Punit Goenka Download
When India Changed Channels -- 03-Oct-22
Gandhi Jayanti this year marked the 30th anniversary of liberalisation becoming truly tangible for the common man through the advent of private television vis satellite TV.

Abheek Barua & Sakshi Gupta Download
The Not-So-Invisible Hand -- 30-Sep-22
RBI should periodically and tactically intervene to smother volatility and sharp decline of the rupee.

Seema Sirohi Download
Getting Along Very Well, Thank You -- 30-Sep-22
India and the US are not just talking all the time about everything under the sun, but they are also working together to 'shape the direction of the world', no less.

Indira Iyer & Soumi Roy Chowdhury Download
Spending Wisely, Clearly -- 29-Sep-22
With the recent launch of the Single Nodal Account (SNA) dashboard by Nirmala Sitharaman, reforms in public financial management systems (PFMS) using digital innovations are getting mainstreamed.

Rajiv Kumar & Nikhil Gupta Download
Why House Holds the Key -- 28-Sep-22
To make an informed judgement on capex recovery, household finance data need to be looked at

Nitin Goel Download
Token It Easy From Oct 1 -- 28-Sep-22
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has mandated tokenisation to start from October 1, replacing credit and debit card data with independent tokens that one can use online, in stores and apps.

Arvind Panagariya Download
Let It Seek Its Own Level -- 27-Sep-22
Economic interest is better served by allowing the rupee to weaken, not rallying behind it.

Dhiraj Nayyar Download
For a Few More K'Noors -- 27-Sep-22
The British crown has passed from Elizabeth II to Charles III. In a few months from now, there will be a formal coronation ceremony for which the crown Jewels will be brought out of the Tower of London.

Shashi Shekhar Vempati Download
Get Chip Off the Shoulder -- 26-Sep-22
Turning aatmanirbhar in silicon-making will also make India a critical cog in the global supply chain

Nishant Chadha Download
Cap Entities, Or Cap the Market? -- 26-Sep-22
Last month, RBI published a discussion paper on charges for payment services (bit. ly/3BLxjPl).

Seema Sirohi Download
India Gets Vocal for Global -- 26-Sep-22
Once more with feeling — India is back to the basics as the voice of the global South while firmly keeping in step with Western friends.

Sachchidanand Shukla Download
Be Wary of QT Se Qayamat -- 23-Sep-22
RBI should not just track rates but also the consequences of the Fed's quantitative tightening

Arpinder Singh Download
Moonlighting Shadows -- 23-Sep-22
The pandemic has caused a seismic shift in the way organisations work, spanning from the tangible technical aspects to the intangible aspects of enabling a conducive work environment.

Bibek Debroy & Suresh Babu Download
Peter, Paul and Hail Marys -- 22-Sep-22
From the economic viewpoint, distinctions between subsidies for 'merit goods' and 'freebies' are dubious

N Rajalakshmi Download
Green-Shoot Hydrogen -- 22-Sep-22
Of late, green hydrogen (GH) has been touted as the proverbial Swiss knife for deep decarbonising the energy sector and limiting emissions as per the 1. 5° C pathway.

Arihant Bardia Download
Plugging In Investors -- 21-Sep-22
This year has been a roller-coaster ride for fixed-income investors in India and abroad, the bond markets having swung from uncertainty to despair to hope.

Anil Nair Download
First-Middle-Last Mile -- 20-Sep-22
Last Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the National Logistics Policy (NLP).

Neeraj Kaushal Download
Now to Get Past the Future -- 19-Sep-22
Given global uncertainties, it is wise for India to do some belt-tightening.

Arvind Mediratta Download
A National Retail Policy Please -- 19-Sep-22
In 2019, when the draft National Retail Policy (NRP) was announced, it was met with a lot of optimism.

Poonam Gupta Download
In Defence of Inflation Targeting -- 19-Sep-22
India moved to inflation targeting (IT) in October 2016, after experiencing double-digit inflation for several years.

Omkar Goswami Download
Enough Delaying the Census -- 16-Sep-22
Conducting the postponed 2021 exercise can only provide rich data to aid critical policy options

Rajiv Kumar & Nikhil Gupta Download
Fix Unlisted India Inc -- 16-Sep-22
India's investment rate, though among the highest in the world, has declined to about 31% of GDP as an average of 2015-16 to 2019-2020 from its peak of 39% in FY2012.

Abheek Barua Download
Keep Calm and Carry On -- 15-Sep-22
Central banks need to be 'credible' and stay the course, come what may.

Arun Mampazhy Download
Chips Are Up for India -- 15-Sep-22
Vedanta and Foxconn have announced this week that they will invest 1.54lakh crore to set up a display fabrication...

Seema Sirohi Download
Goyal Goes to San Fran -- 14-Sep-22
Piyush Goyal's visit to California last week was primarily aimed at generating more investments for India.

Sunil Sanghai Download
'Paanch Prana' for a Thriving Indian Capital Market -- 13-Sep-22
This year, on Independence Day our Prime Minister gave a call for Paanch Prana from the ramparts of the Red Fort and set a target for the nation for the next 25 years.

Pradeep S Mehta Download
Don't Be Afraid of IPEF -- 13-Sep-22
By joining all pillars of the Indo-Pacific bloc, India can only do its trade ambitions a world of good.

Shantanu Nandan Sharma Download
Aadhaar For Artefacts -- 13-Sep-22
The world's booming antique market often hinges on stolen items from countries like India.

Mudar Patherya Download
India's Stocking Up and How -- 12-Sep-22
Indians are investing in the equity markets like never before — and this is just the (late) start

Steve Brooks Download
Nip This Pharma Threat in the Bud -- 12-Sep-22
Often hailed as the pharmacy of the world, the booming pharmaceutical sector of India has more than doubled its share in exports over the past decade.

Shishir Gupta & Rishita Sachdeva Download
Add Muscle to Urban Local Bodies -- 12-Sep-22
The latest manifestation of negotiating life in the metro is being witnessed in Bengaluru, which is still to come to terms with last weekend's 131 mm rainfall in 24 hours.

Amitabh Kant Download
Let's Hit the Road, EV Rider -- 09-Sep-22
India has an opportunity to technologically leapfrog ahead and be an electric transportation leader.

Srivatsa Krishna Download
States Passing the Buck -- 09-Sep-22
Can any elected government, irrespective of political complexion, just because it was elected, give away freebies in the name of fulfilling the mandate on which they got elected?

Ayush Khare, Divya Srinivasan & Rishita Sachdeva Download
Make Nudge Come to Shove -- 08-Sep-22
GoI's capex push is the key to economic recovery that will spur private investment to pick up

Rajeev Dewal Download
Get the ABC of IBC Right -- 08-Sep-22
The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) 2016 exposes a debtor to insolvency immediately on payment default with consequent loss of reputation and control over business.

Saurav Jha Download
Stronger Than We Think -- 07-Sep-22
Subsequent to striking an alliance with France in 1894, tsarist Russia began holding appreciably more francs in its foreign reserves than before.

Asit Tripathy Download
Up the Growing Game -- 06-Sep-22
India's recent spurt in agricultural exports made the headlines. While the achievement is commendable, there have been wild swings contributed by the policy of 'switch on' and 'switch off'.

Ashwini Vaishnaw Download
India, Give Yourself a Pat -- 05-Sep-22
Eight years ago, the Indian economy was in bad shape. Despite all odds, GoI went on a relentless drive to cleanse the economic system.

Arpit Agarwal Download
Infrastructure Private Unlimited -- 05-Sep-22
In its 76th year as a free country, India has a new, ambitious goal: to be transformed into a developed country by 2047. Every segment of the economy will need to play a role to meet this objective.

Ateesh Tankha & Anjana Menon Download
Workers of the World, Divide -- 02-Sep-22
Why does a person undertake two or more jobs at the same time? To earn more? To secure at least one job? To stay relevant? To belong? To pursue one's aspirations?

Seema Sirohi Download
Biden's CCP: Confused China Policy -- 02-Sep-22
Does Joe Biden's China policy have enough teeth? Or is it a bundle of rhetorical flourishes and fuzzy focus? To be sure, the US Defence Department has named China the 'most consequential strategic competitor'

Sushil Kumar Modi Download
Live Within Our Means -- 01-Sep-22
There is politics in every aspect of our life. An overwhelming portion of it is the political economy, and getting it right is the bulk of the job done. Politics is a long-term game, but shorttermism often yields good results.

Bjorn Lomborg Download
Let Them Have Green Cake -- 30-Aug-22
The hypocrisy of rich countries telling the developing world to switch to renewables is breathtaking

Dhanendra Kumar Download
Stitch Exports in Time -- 30-Aug-22
India is one of the world's largest textile producing and exporting countries, exporting over $44 billion, of which $16 billion pertains to apparel and garments exports.

Anjuli Bhargava Download
Flying In Turbulent Times -- 29-Aug-22
From September 1, life is likely to get marginally easier for India's airlines. For one, there has been an easing of global crude oil prices, which have been on fire for a few months now

Soumya Kanti Ghosh & Ashish Kumar Download
Banking On a Good Old System -- 29-Aug-22
India is going through a structural transformation that is also embracing retro chic. If in fashion bell bottoms are the rage again, and in Hindi cinema storytelling is back with a bang

Anil Nair Download
Neom, The Smartest City of All? -- 29-Aug-22
While we talk about smart cities, Saudi Arabia is creating a cognitive city, Neom, which envisages what a city must provide its citizens 20-30 years ahead of time.

Kevin Rudd, Ban Ki-moon & Arvind Panagariya Download
Three to Make It to Zero -- 26-Aug-22
India's decision last year to step up its climate action and commit to net-zero emissions took the world by surprise. But it is also squarely in the country's own interest.

Nishant Chadha Download
Payments for Payments a Bad Idea -- 26-Aug-22
On August 17, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued a discussion paper on charges in payment systems (bit. ly/3Cv3gxa). This is a positive move. Preventing systemic risk in payments markets, ensuring security

Sunitha Raju Download
Chip Off the New Block? -- 25-Aug-22
Joe Biden signed the Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors (CHIPS) Act on August 9. His advocacy in support of the Bill was summarised in his tweet, 'Here's the deal: America invented semiconductors.

Sandeep Parekh Download
Front-Running Ain't Insider Trading -- 25-Aug-22
Last month, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) came out with a consultation paper (bit. ly/ 3ThwG7V) on extending insider trading regulations to mutual fund (MF) units.

Johannes Lenhard &Hannah Leach Download
Start Up and Smell the ESG -- 24-Aug-22
Last month, The Guardian in Britain published 'The Uber Files', more than 124,000 confidential leaked documents that reportedly revealed how the taxi hailing app company bent the laws in several countries

Former DG, Election Commission of India Download
The Freebie Stops Here -- 24-Aug-22
'Freebies' — anything given or provided free of charge — bearing as it does negative connotations, can't really claim legitimacy. The large consensus around its undesirability is unsurprising.

Neeraj Kaushal Download
A Toxic, Sexist Sanskaar -- 23-Aug-22
Section 354A (sexual harassment charge) will not prima facie stand against the accused… when the woman (alleged victim) was wearing sexually provocative dresses.

Samidha Sharma Download
Founders, VC Greed -- 23-Aug-22
Last week, Adam Neumann, the once celebrated and later controversial founder of the office-sharing startup WeWork, raised $350 million for his latest venture Flow

Wally Adeyemo Download
Turning On the India-US Axis -- 22-Aug-22
I am in India this week to discuss with leaders from government, business and civil society how India and the US can deepen ties critical to advancing our core economic interest

Dinesh Kanabar Download
Walk the Tax Over Next 25 Years -- 22-Aug-22
The tax administration often gets blamed as being one of the reasons why India is falling behind on the 'ease of doing business' index. But the journey our tax regime, both law and administration

Saurabh Srivastava Download
Founders Must Be Keepers -- 19-Aug-22
For some time now, there has been considerable talk in the media about founders who have displayed unseemly arrogance, shown disrespect for employees or vendors, created toxic company cultures

Dinesh Thakur & Prashant Reddy T Download
The Bill Is Bad Medicine -- 19-Aug-22
The New Drugs, Medical Devices and Cosmetics Bill, 2022, issued by the health ministry for comments, presented a great opportunity to fix long-standing issues pertaining to the licensing of pharmacies.

Ashima Goyal Download
Freebies (Charges Extra) -- 18-Aug-22
The states, as well as the average citizen, seem to think the Centre as Santa Claus. Even economists forgot to worry about debt and wanted more fiscal spend during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nishanth Vasudevan Download
Stay Up, Smell the Coffee -- 18-Aug-22
The buzz over the recent strength in equities is palpable. Nifty is up 18% from its 52-week low hit on June 17. Foreign portfolio flows have revived. The sharp swings that unsettled traders have subsided.

Joy Bhattacharjya Download
A Kick Up India's Football Admin -- 17-Aug-22
It wasn't the best news for Indian sport on the 75th anniversary of Indian independence. Fifa secretarygeneral Fatma Samoura sent a letter to the All India Football Federation (AIFF) stating that the Fifa council had unanimously decided to ban AIFF for 'flagrant violation of the Fifa statutes'.

Seema Sirohi Download
The Great Retreat, A Year Later -- 17-Aug-22
Afghanistan's first anniversary under the merciless, regressive, terroristfriendly, woman-hating, black-robed Taliban who rule and kill in the name of god was no cause for celebration on August 15.

There Was No Moderation In His Existence -- 16-Aug-22
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala proved that one could become a successful professional investor without inheritance, scam, stock manipulation or tax evasion. I spent last morning speaking to individuals about what he meant to them.

Ashish Dhawan & Pramath Raj Sinha Download
Weaponising Knowledge -- 16-Aug-22
On the 75th anniversary of India becoming a free, independent nation, the balance sheet of progress shows, expectedly, areas of great accomplishments as well as areas in which the country has languished.

Harsh Goenka Download
He Bet on the India Story -- 16-Aug-22
He was my boisterous neighbour, full of life and brimming with enthusiasm like the rising sun every morning. Just five days ago, when I met him, he looked a bit frail, so I asked him how he was keeping.

Abheek Barua & Swati Arora Download
Inflation's Worst Behind Us? -- 12-Aug-22
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) hiked rates by 50 basis points (bps) in its bi-monthly monetary policy on August 5, in line with its aggressive strategy over the past couple of months to tame domestic inflation.

R Chandrashekhar Download
Enhancing Digifficiency -- 12-Aug-22
Despite transformative progress made in the digital and digital payment sphere, it is continuing amid a sea of regulatory uncertainty. Rapid adoption has thrown up new policy and regulatory challenges.

Urjit R Patel Download
Practise What You Policy -- 11-Aug-22
Changing Paradigms — the new book by 15th Finance Commission chairman N K Singh, with 'select insights' by P K Mishra, principal secretary to the prime minister — presents the progress and the unfinished tasks of proximate developmental goals

Vijay L Kelkar & Pradeep S Mehta Download
Untangle Jurisdictions -- 11-Aug-22
Amatter of jurisdiction over regulation of 'debenture trustees' recently reached the Bombay High Court. The question before the court was the jurisdiction of the Competition Commission of India (CCI) over the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi).

Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay Download
The Kumar Who Walks -- 10-Aug-22
Politics is quite a game. There are no permanent enemies, no permanent friends, only permanent interests. Nitish Kumar is the perfect epitome of this adage. He has been Bihar chief minister for almost 17 years

Saibal Dasgupta Download
In Dire Taiwan Straits -- 08-Aug-22
By visiting Taiwan, US House speaker Nancy Pelosi has set several balls rolling. The implications of the visit are much wider than the political rhetoric about saving a smaller democratic state from the threats posed by a large and powerful neighbour.

Saugata Bhattacharya Download
Walk the Policy Tightening Rope -- 08-Aug-22
The fulcrum of policy focus for emerging markets (EMs) central banks, including RBI, is likely to shift to the external environment, away from battling domestic inflation, even as the two are linked.

Louis Kuijs Download
Recovery On Track, Eye on Inflation -- 08-Aug-22
The list of things keeping policymakers up at night is mounting. The good news for India, though, is that its growth prospects remain largely intact. India's policymakers should foster sustainable growth through further supply-side reforms and containment of blanket subsidies and tax cuts.

Nishant Chadha Download
DPB Is Dead, Long Live DPB -- 05-Aug-22
On Wednesday, Ashwini Vaishnaw announced in Parliament that GoI was withdrawing the Data Protection Bill (DPB) from Lok Sabha. The Bill was introduced in 2019 and had been referred to a joint parliamentary committee (JPC)

Manish Sabharwal & Rishi Agrawal Download
One Ring To Join Us All -- 05-Aug-22
Upton Sinclair wrote it's difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it. Some banks resisted Unified Payments Interface (UPI). The poverty industry resisted Aadhaar.

Seema Sirohi Download
Hot Pot Shots in Pantsuit -- 04-Aug-22
The suspense is over, but the drama is not. Because, with China, it can be a three-act play. In one of the most tracked flights, US House speaker Nancy Pelosi, escorted by American and Taiwanese fighter jets

Indira Iyer & Soumi Roy Chowdhury Download
Connect to Spend Better -- 04-Aug-22
With close to ?28,000 per capita being spent by the central and state governments on development expenditure, sound public expenditure management is a key step towards creating long-lasting investments in human and physical capital.

Sanjeev Gupta Download
Hit the Road, and How -- 03-Aug-22
The first phase of the ambitious Bharatmala Pariyojana (BMP) is four years late. According to Icra, the first phase is now likely to get completed by 2025-26, against the original schedule of 2021-22.

Dipankar Bhattacharyya Download
Wish Upon a Falling Rupee -- 02-Aug-22
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) last week forecast the world economy would grow 3. 2% in 2022, 0. 4 percentage points lower than its April projection, dragged down by downgrades of growth in the US, China, Germany and India.

Rukshad Davar Download
'Musk v Twitter' Lesson -- 02-Aug-22
The ongoing dispute between Twitter and Elon Musk has brought contractual nuances prevalent in merger and acquisition (M&A) deals under the spotlight, especially the material adverse effect (MAE) clause.

Montek Singh Ahluwalia Download
Treating Our Slipped Fisc -- 29-Jul-22
India's fiscal situation is precarious. But reducing the deficit cannot be the only objective

Neeraj Kaushal Download
Centre Calling the States Profligate -- 29-Jul-22
GoI, BJP and non-BJP states are recklessly competing on doling out freebies

Nilesh Shah Download
Create an Enabling Ecosystem to Make GIFT a Global Hub -- 28-Jul-22
The development of financial services is not only needed for financing the growth of other industries but is also a growth centre in itself.

Poonam Gupta Download
Smart Hands on the Deck -- 28-Jul-22
IMF's latest global growth projections may not be bad news for India if it plays the right cards

Arvind Sahay & Sudheesh Nambiath Download
Goldfinger on the Pulse -- 28-Jul-22
Every once in a while, a market infrastructure institution that can achieve a sea change in the way an industry functions gets its running legs.

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Rebeca Grynspan & Pamela Coke-Hamilton Download
Ride on WTO Trade Winds -- 27-Jul-22
We are in the toughest period the world economy has faced since the creation of the multilateral system more than 75 years ago.

Akshay Tripathi & Alok Tiwari Download
Tribunal To Unclog Infra Projects -- 26-Jul-22
Public-private partnerships (PPPs) have been a ubiquitous feature of the infrastructure scene for some time now. 

Shantanu Srivastava Download
How Green Are Your Greenbacks? -- 26-Jul-22
Last week, Shaktikanta Das announced that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will be 'coming out with a discussion paper on climate change and climate change-related risks,'

Anil Padmanabhan Download
Internet Mein Apni Bhasha -- 25-Jul-22
National Language Translation Mission's Bhashini will accelerate internet access for all Indians

Tejesh Chitlangi Download
Give the Finabler a Friendly Push -- 25-Jul-22
In many ways, the International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA) has been an unorthodox regulator. Its aims include making India a global financial business hub, conducting several financial sector reforms, and bringing offshore fund business back from places like Singapore and Mauritius.

Dinesh Takur & Prashant Redddy T Download
A Law Whose Date Has Expired -- 25-Jul-22
Earlier this month, the health ministry unveiled a new Bill to replace the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940. 

Ateesh Tankha Download
Fumigate Crypto-Crawlies -- 22-Jul-22
How long — or, what — will it take the government to ban, or stringently regulate, cryptocurrency?

Vidit Aatrey Download
Turbocharging MSMEs -- 22-Jul-22
Turbocharging MSMEs

Shriya Anand & Gautam Bhan Download
Imagine an Urban MGNREGA -- 21-Jul-22
An urban employment programme should not be just about wage and work but about skilling too

Dipankar Bhattacharyya Download
Gambling Not the Name of the Game -- 21-Jul-22
The issue with taxing casinos, horse racing and online gaming, which the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council has tasked a group of state ministers (GoM) with, is the treatment of actionable claims that creditors have on debtors.

Peter Swire Download
The Irony in Localising -- 20-Jul-22
The report of the joint parliamentary committee (JPC) on the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019, continues to form the basis for consideration in the Lok Sabha for the legislation protecting the privacy of individuals.

Indrajit Hazra Download
Stop Chasing Status (Quo) -- 19-Jul-22
Kunal Shah is credible when he says the Indian fetish for status chokes entrepreneurial success

Soumya Kanti Ghosh & Ashish Kumar Download
Privatisation's No Magic -- 19-Jul-22
In his 2021 letter to shareholders, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon had said the future of banks will depend on how well they adapt to the mammoth pace of change, and the size of the competition from payments companies, fintechs and others offering 'banking type services' that remain outside the banking regulatory system. 

Amit Khosla Download
Remittance Route For Investment? -- 18-Jul-22
The consensus is that by the end of 2022, interest rates will jump by 2. 5-3% in a series of further interest rate hikes.

Seema Sirohi Download
INFRUS Structure vs China -- 18-Jul-22
An architect of the India-US nuclear deal wants India to nuke up with French help, and US blessings

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw Download
Wiring Up Globalisation 4.0 -- 18-Jul-22
The aftermath of the pandemic and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war have triggered massive disruptions in global supply chains

Bjorn Lomborg Download
'Fertilisers' Isn't an F Word -- 15-Jul-22
Improving seeds, not organic farming, will produce more food, curb prices and save nature

Anirudh Gotety Download
Keep Those in the Vault -- 15-Jul-22
Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the consequent sanctions imposed by the West hold a lesson for India. 

Poonam Gupta Download
Familiarity Breeds Action -- 14-Jul-22
Global capital flows have been retrenching from emerging market (EM) economies since end-February in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Akshay Rout Download
Keep Emptying the Bin -- 14-Jul-22
Big missions rightly require higher scrutiny. The Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM), launched almost eight years on Gandhi Jayanti in 2014,

Dhiraj Nayyar Download
Bad 'Nomics + Bad Luck -- 13-Jul-22
Every major global economic crisis is usually followed by more localised economic catastrophes with a time lag.

Amitabh Kant Download
The Incredible Green Hydro Hub -- 12-Jul-22
India has the opportunity today to accelerate innovation and scale up deployment of green hydrogen (GH) production technology. This is critical, as electricity accounts for less than a quarter of India's energy economy.

Abheek Barua Download
For a Few Dolla?s More -- 08-Jul-22
Stability in the rising dollar could revive portfolio inflows into India

Prasanna Tantri Download
Merge & Get Rid of NPAs -- 08-Jul-22
The tide of bank non-performing assets (NPAs) seems to be finally ebbing, with net reported NPAs coming below 2%.

Anil Nair Download
Powerhouse of Storehouses -- 07-Jul-22
The data centre business is booming across the world, and India needs to plug into this buzz