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Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar is Consulting Editor, Economic Times and writes regularly for the Economic Times and The Times of India. His articles can also be seen at www.swaminomics.org
Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar
Date Heading Download
28-Aug-19 How Not to Create Jobs
14-Aug-19 Where's the Competition?
31-Jul-19 Indira Gandhi’s Achhe Din
09-May-19 Chomping on BJP's Chances
24-Apr-19 So Much for Hindu Rashtra
10-Apr-19 Choke City to MetroPolis
13-Feb-19 Counting on Better Numbers
16-Jan-19 Lucknow, For Delhi Later?
19-Dec-18 How Much is Not Too Much
07-Nov-18 Don't Be Seduced by Sirens
10-Oct-18 With a Strategic Ally Like This...
17-Aug-18 Vajpayee Steered India Out of Difficult Economic Times
23-May-18 Great Wal-Kart to China?
25-Apr-18 Fighting Counter-Devolution
14-Feb-18 Don't Let It Come a Cropper
30-Jan-18 Growth Revival in Sight, But Fisc Under Cloud
30-Aug-17 Greed Drowning Out Fear
16-Aug-17 Cash In on Demonetisation
19-Jul-17 A Doleful, Wasteful Idea
10-May-17 Roll Out the Sun, But Gently
26-Apr-17 Still a Mental Fiscal Exercise
13-Apr-17 Let the Law Loose on Us
29-Mar-17 Donald, and Daffy, Show
15-Mar-17 Now, Let UP Show the Day
01-Mar-17 Boom & Not-So-Boom Cycle
15-Feb-17 Single and Successful