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Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar is Consulting Editor, Economic Times and writes regularly for the Economic Times and The Times of India. His articles can also be seen at www.swaminomics.org
Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar
Date Heading Download
03-Jul-24 Blow That Old Schumpeter
19-Jun-24 In Search of 'Decent Work'
05-Jun-24 A Win by Any Margin is Just as Sweet
22-May-24 Why FIIs Are Taking Flight
08-May-24 Not-Too-Swachh a Bharat?
10-Apr-24 OPS... They Did It Again!
27-Mar-24 Difficulty of EV-Ness
14-Mar-24 Joined by the Vindhyas
17-Jan-24 Kidhar K-Shaped Recovery?
06-Dec-23 Wish You a Happy Next Year!
22-Nov-23 Not Quite Cock of the Walk
08-Nov-23 More Power to the West
25-Oct-23 Go Beyond Islamic Studies
27-Sep-23 Two-Faced About Targets
23-Aug-23 Not Another BRICS in the Wall
14-Jun-23 Remove This India Inc Blot
17-May-23 So, A Case of Halo Goodbye?
19-Apr-23 Turn the White Collars Up
22-Mar-23 Learn to Live with Fuzziness
23-Feb-23 Hindenburg May Save Adani
08-Feb-23 This is Global Practices Too
18-Jan-23 So, Democracy Wins in Iraq?
02-Jan-23 2023 Could Be Anything, from Boom Year to Crash
28-Dec-22 Case for Status Quo Budget
16-Nov-22 Lose the Remote Control
02-Nov-22 FAANGs Won't Bite Forever