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Nov-22 Credit Offtake Continues to Remain Elevated; Deposit Growth Slows   5 CARE Edge
Nov-22 In-force Credit Card bounces back after decline in last 2 months   11 IDBI Capital
Nov-22 Credit Offtake Remains at Near Decadal High...   5 CARE Edge
Nov-22 Bank Credit Growth Continues its Robust Momentum in September   7 CARE Edge
Nov-22 Fresh Lending Rates of Private Banks Increase Past their Mar-20 Levels   4 CARE Edge
Nov-22 Small Finance Banks' Capital Raising Gains Momentum in Q2 FY23   9 CARE Edge
Nov-22 Credit growth scaling newer heights   20 IDBI Capital
Oct-22 Festive led high Credit Card spends   11 IDBI Capital
Oct-22 The final stages of "easy money"   13 HDFC Securities
Oct-22 Credit Offtake Overcomes Covid-induced Lag to Catch up with Deposit Growth   6 CARE Edge
Oct-22 Festivities to drive home/PL loan demand...   7 Emkay Research
Oct-22 Q2 preview: Accelerating growth, improving asset quality to fire up earnings   21 Emkay Research
Oct-22 Strong sequential earnings for banks, leading to further expansion in return ratios   6 Nirmal Bang
Oct-22 Q2FY23 preview: Earnings to reflect sustained normalisation   52 ICICI Securities
Oct-22 Earnings progression on track amidst volatile macro   22 Motilal Oswal
Oct-22 Jul-Sep'22 Earnings Preview   12 Prabhudas Lilladher
Oct-22 Credit growth remain strong at around 15%   20 IDBI Capital
Sep-22 Credit Offtake Continues to Rise, Sees Near 9-year High Growth   6 CARE Edge
Sep-22 Karnataka Yatra: Bengaluru and Tumakuru - key takeaways   6 ICICI Securities
Sep-22 Credit growth witnessing sharp recovery   26 Motilal Oswal
Sep-22 Interest Rates Continue to be on Rising Trajectory in July   4 CARE Edge
Sep-22 Kotak-Federal Bank merger-Challenges aplenty   12 Emkay Research
Sep-22 Banking Credit and Deposits - Certificate of Deposits Bridge the Gap   5 CARE Edge
Sep-22 Banks Sectorial Credit   20 IDBI Capital
Sep-22 The ensuing FinTech revolution in Wealth Management for the mass affluent   10 Motilal Oswal
Sep-22 Expanding risk appetite for growth   44 Phillip Capital
Aug-22 RBI deliberates rationalization of MDR on cards PPIs and UPI   8 Emkay Research
Aug-22 Credit growth improvement continues in generally lean period   20 IDBI Capital
Jul-22 Bank Credit Growth to Continue its Upward Trajectory in FY23   4 CARE Edge
Jul-22 Q1FY23 Banking Results Preview   8 Sunidhi
Jul-22 Banking Credit and Deposits Update: Robust Credit Growth Continues   5 CARE Edge
Jul-22 Banking Interest Rates on an Uptrend in FY23   4 CARE Edge
Jul-22 Improving growth impulse in mortgages/ unsecured loans positive for banks   7 Emkay Research
Jul-22 Earnings outlook resilient; remain watchful of treasury performance Business growth and margins gaining traction; Asset quality stable   22 Motilal Oswal
Jul-22 Bank Asset Quality Improves as Gross NPAs Fall to Six year Low   6 CARE Edge
Jul-22 Banking Credit and Deposits: Credit Growth Continues in Double Digits   6 CARE Edge
Jul-22 Shortfall in certain sub-targets, rising PSLC demand, premium spikes too   16 ICICI Securities
Jul-22 Credit growth continued to show strong growth trajectory   20 IDBI Capital
Jun-22 Payments Vision 2025   6 Emkay Research
Jun-22 Decline in Credit Cost Drives Banks' Net Profit Up in Q4FY22   10 CARE Edge
Jun-22 New normal rate cycle; brace for transmission effects   4 HDFC Securities
Jun-22 Banking Interest Rates Bottom out, will Grow as Yield Rise   4 CARE Edge
Jun-22 Bank Credit Deployment   7 CARE Edge
Jun-22 Credit growth continued to show strong growth trajectory   20 IDBI Capital
May-22 Lending Rates Fall in March, but to Go Up on RBI Stance   4 CARE Edge
May-22 Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code Maintains its Popularity   6 CARE Edge
May-22 Bank Credit Deployment: Select Segments Drive Growth in Mar-22   7 CARE Edge
May-22 Banks Sectorial Credit   20 IDBI Capital
Apr-22 Asset quality improving steadily – mirroring 2001-05 recovery   14 Motilal Oswal
Apr-22 RBI guidelines to curb card mis-selling...   5 Emkay Research
Apr-22 Update on Banking Credit and Deposits   6 CARE Edge
Apr-22 Q4FY22 preview   41 ICICI Securities
Apr-22 Bank Credit Deployment Update: In February 2022, Retail Remains the Growth Driver   7 CARE Edge
Apr-22 Banking Interest Rates may have Bottomed Out   4 CARE Edge
Apr-22 Credit growth stabilizing around 8%   21 IDBI Capital
Mar-22 Large caps better equipped; valuations attractive   7 Nirmal Bang
Mar-22 Connecting The Dots   12 HDFC Securities
Mar-22 Update on Banking Credit and Deposits   6 CARE Edge
Mar-22 RBI guidelines to support orderly MFI growth in the new credit cycle   7 Emkay Research
Mar-22 RBI guidelines to support orderly MFI growth...   7 Emkay Research
Mar-22 Banks Sectorial Credit - Credit growth slowdown a bit   20 IDBI Capital
Feb-22 SFBs continue to strengthen their position in credit market;   13 ICICI Securities
Feb-22 Update on Banking Credit and Deposits   6 CARE Edge
Feb-22 Accelerating growth, improving asset quality bode well for banks   24 Emkay Research
Feb-22 Banking Interest Rates   4 CARE Edge
Feb-22 Update on Banking Credit and Deposits   5 CARE Edge
Feb-22 Bank Credit Depolyment Update - Dec 2021 - Sharp uptick in credit   8 CARE Edge
Feb-22 Banks Sectorial Credit   20 IDBI Capital
Jan-22 Banking Review   9 CARE Edge
Jan-22 Update on Banking Credit and Deposits   6 CARE Edge
Jan-22 In Q2FY22, PSBs reported continued profitability on improvement in asset quality and lower provisioning   12 CARE Edge
Jan-22 Dec'21 bounce rates lower than pre-covid average   7 ICICI Securities
Jan-22 Strong quarter amidst emerging headwinds   6 HDFC Securities
Jan-22 A new dawn   26 Edelweiss Securities
Jan-22 Update on Banking Credit and Deposits   5 CARE Edge
Jan-22 Update on Bank Credit Deployment   8 CARE Edge
Jan-22 Credit growth revival continues   21 IDBI Capital