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Dec-19 Banking System NPA Update – Q2FY20   4 CARE Research
Nov-19 BFSI : Q2FY20 Result Review   38 Edelweiss Securities
Nov-19 Q2FY20 Banking Review   12 Sunidhi
Nov-19 Fresh lending rate moderates further, spread remains stable   6 Motilal Oswal
Nov-19 Growth Deceleration Continues; Treasury Gains Save the Day   11 Reliance Securities Ltd.
Nov-19 Fourth straight quarter of credit moderation   6 IIFL
Nov-19 Strong growth in Housing & NBFCs for Banks   9 Prabhudas Lilladher
Oct-19 Private Banks to report steady PBT growth   24 Motilal Oswal
Oct-19 Banks better off; challenges persist for NBFCs   29 Edelweiss Securities
Oct-19 Moderate sector headwinds to partly eat into tax cut benefit   9 Nirmal Bang
Sep-19 Deferred tax asset impact on banks' profitability varies across banks   5 Nirmal Bang
Sep-19 Corporate tax rate cut – key trigger for economic revival   10 Motilal Oswal
Sep-19 Tax stimulus - Structural boost to earnings & RoEs   7 Edelweiss Securities
Sep-19 Tax cut steals the show – growth & earnings see light   14 ICICI direct.com
Sep-19 Tax rate cut impacts the sector positively   4 IDBI Capital
Sep-19 Re-rating on the Cards for Private Banks   2 Reliance Securities Ltd.
Sep-19 Much-awaited transition from MCLR to external benchmark begins   3 Nirmal Bang
Sep-19 External benchmarking: Lands faster than expected   4 ICICI direct.com
Sep-19 Bank NPAs: June 2019   2 CARE Research
Sep-19 'PCA-remoteness' of PSU Banks may increase competition in credit sector   13 Nirmal Bang
Sep-19 Q1FY20 Banking Review   12 Sunidhi
Sep-19 Significant Consolidation Announced in Public Sector Banks   2 CARE Research
Sep-19 Too much of too little   5 HDFC Securities
Sep-19 A Positive Development Albeit Long Road Ahead   4 Reliance Securities Ltd.
Aug-19 Seriousness about external benchmarking may be negative for banks   4 Nirmal Bang
Aug-19 Earnings Recovery at Risk   9 Reliance Securities Ltd.
Aug-19 RBL Bank ahead of even key large banks on digital strategy   3 Nirmal Bang
Jul-19 Meaningful growth across industry   8 Prabhudas Lilladher
Jul-19 1QFY20E Results Preview   23 HDFC Securities
Jun-19 Liability franchise – Version 3.0   14 Motilal Oswal
Jun-19 More provisions likely in FY20ii   12 IIFL
Jun-19 AUM growth led by penetration, not leverage   14 IIFL
Jun-19 Better and practical approach   4 Prabhudas Lilladher
Jun-19 RBI issues revised stressed asset resolution framework   4 Motilal Oswal
Jun-19 RBI Revisits Distressed Assets Resolution Framework   4 CARE Research
Jun-19 Dilutive, but RBI’s power retained   5 HDFC Securities
Jun-19 Banking Update: Credit and Deposits for March 2019   5 CARE Research
May-19 Banks Performance Update – Q4 FY19   10 CARE Research
May-19 External Benchmarking From The Horse’s Mouth   5 Nirmal Bang
May-19 The rising significance of liability franchise: Version 2.0   18 Motilal Oswal
May-19 Micro Enterprise Lending Is About Choices   7 Nirmal Bang
Apr-19 Private banks gaining market share in MSME loans   4 Motilal Oswal
Apr-19 4QFY19E Results Preview   26 HDFC Securities
Apr-19 Stable operating performance; Large banks to outperform peers   8 Reliance Securities Ltd.
Apr-19 Decoding FY19 – The turning point!   12 Motilal Oswal
Apr-19 RBI will need to relook at resolution norms   7 IIFL
Mar-19 Bound to Rebound   65 Edelweiss Securities
Mar-19 Stage set but corporate recovery still slow   19 Prabhudas Lilladher
Mar-19 Deposit growth improves; industrial growth showing signs of recovery   4 Motilal Oswal
Feb-19 Banks Performance Update – Q3 FY19   6 CARE Research
Jan-19 Retail Private Banks to See Steady Quarter as usual, PSU Banks to see boost on Treasury Front   8 Sunidhi
Jan-19 Banks better off; challenging times for NBFCs   25 Edelweiss Securities
Jan-19 Financials - 3QFY19E Results Preview   24 HDFC Securities
Jan-19 Ageing Provisions, Liquidity And Bond Yields To Play A Role   7 Nirmal Bang
Jan-19 Improved Recoveries & Treasury Profits to Support Earnings   6 Reliance Securities Ltd.
Jan-19 BFSI - Falling interest rate: Relief for banks   11 Edelweiss Securities
Jan-19 Profile of the NBFC Sector based on RBI’s study   10 CARE Research
Jan-19 Encouraging trends in growth   10 Prabhudas Lilladher
Jan-19 BFSI - 2018 scorecard: Win some, lose some   12 Edelweiss Securities