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Sep-23 Impact of RBI Guidelines on Investments of Banks   5 Nirmal Bang
Sep-23 Credit Offtake Continues its Robust Growth   5 CARE Edge
Sep-23 Deposit Rate Rise Leads to Spread Compression   6 CARE Edge
Sep-23 Credit Offtake Grows as HDFC Merger Boosts Retail   5 CARE Edge
Sep-23 BFSI – Bank-o-meter   9 Emkay Research
Sep-23 Credit growth boosted by HDFC merger   20 IDBI Capital
Aug-23 Credit Card data update   18 IDBI Capital
Aug-23 Banks' Margin Trajectory Sees Strain in Q1 as Deposits Cost Rise Sequentially   7 CARE Edge
Aug-23 Margins slip, but healthy growth/lower LLP induce strong earnings   24 Emkay Research
Aug-23 Retail digital payment volume growth remains healthy   10 Nirmal Bang
Aug-23 Credit Offtake Stays Robust at 20.2% as HDFC Merger Boosts Growth   6 CARE Edge
Aug-23 Banks Sectorial Credit   20 IDBI Capital
Aug-23 Sectoral Credit Deployment   7 Nirmal Bang
Jul-23 Credit Card data update   19 IDBI Capital
Jul-23 Credit Offtake Rises 16% in Q4FY23, Deposits Grow Slower at 10%   9 CARE Edge
Jul-23 Credit Growth Stays Robust in Q1, Deposit Growth Hits 6-Year High   5 CARE Edge
Jul-23 Strong quarter; Growth trajectory and NIM progression are key monitorables   21 ICICI Securities
Jul-23 Divergence Appears as Fresh Lending Rate Rises, Fresh Deposit Rate Falls   7 CARE Edge
Jul-23 1QFY24 Result Preview   7 Nirmal Bang
Jul-23 Weak quarter due to NIM fall, rise in provisions   11 Prabhudas Lilladher
Jul-23 Moderating Credit Growth with Healthy Deposits Narrows Credit-Deposit Gap   7 CARE Edge
Jul-23 Credit Growth Continues in May, Retail & NBFC Remain Strong   7 CARE Edge
Jul-23 PSBs Shows Steller Performance in Q4   13 CARE Edge
Jul-23 Banks Sectorial Credit   23 IDBI Capital
Jun-23 NIMs stable, loans resilient, stocks underrated , ready for risk   22 Phillip Capital
Jun-23 Banking Sector Update   10 Nirmal Bang
Jun-23 Absolute Deposit Inflows Come in Higher Than Credit Offtake   6 CARE Edge
Jun-23 Credit Growth remains Strong in the Fortnight; CD ratio Stays above 75%   6 CARE Edge
Jun-23 Credit Growth Remains Strong in April 2023, Industry Subdued   7 CARE Edge
Jun-23 Rates on Fresh Deposits Hit the Pause Button in April 2023   6 CARE Edge
May-23 Margins largely hold-up in 4Q, but set to moderate hereon   26 Emkay Research
May-23 Strong growth momentum in Card spends continued in Apr'23   20 IDBI Capital
May-23 Banks Sectorial Credit   23 IDBI Capital
Apr-23 Leveraged Financials   16 HDFC Securities
Mar-23 Mortgage growth to moderate, but PL and BL gathering momentum   8 Emkay Research
Mar-23 Retail digital payment volume growth moderates on incremental basis   9 Nirmal Bang
Mar-23 Recent US bank failures; Impact on the Indian stock market   4 Anand Rathi
Mar-23 Credit Offtake Remains Elevated but Rangebound at 15.5-16% Levels   5 CARE Edge
Mar-23 Resilient Indian Banking system offers good investment opportunity   9 Emkay Research
Mar-23 The changing contours of debt financing   6 HDFC Securities
Mar-23 Credit Card data update   12 IDBI Capital
Mar-23 Decoding deposit growth   21 Nirmal Bang
Mar-23 Mortgage growth may moderate a bit   7 Emkay Research
Mar-23 Overall banking payment ecosystem's incremental growth remains muted   9 Nirmal Bang
Mar-23 Banks Report Robust Q3 Numbers as Profits Rise, Asset Quality Improves   12 CARE Edge
Feb-23 Credit Card data update   11 IDBI Capital
Feb-23 Credit-growth expectations still positive   4 Anand Rathi
Feb-23 Banks' Asset Quality Improvement Continues in December 2022   5 CARE Edge
Feb-23 Banks Report Steady Net Interest Margin Growth in Q3FY23   3 CARE Edge
Jan-23 Credit Card data update   11 IDBI Capital
Jan-23 Credit Offtake Moderates on Base Effect Deposit Growth Stays Slow   6 CARE Edge
Jan-23 ECL norms could be cumbersome for select small regional PVBs   5 Emkay Research
Jan-23 Another strong quarter amid volatile macros   5 Sharekhan
Jan-23 Credit Offtake Beats Covid-induced Lag to Marginally Outdo Deposit Growth   6 CARE Edge
Jan-23 Q3 preview: Sustained growth, improving asset quality to pump-up earnings   21 Emkay Research
Jan-23 Robust growth, steady cost to aid traction in earnings   9 ICICI
Jan-23 Earnings momentum likely to continue for banks   6 Nirmal Bang
Jan-23 Credit Offtake Robust in Nov   8 CARE Edge
Jan-23 Rising Interest Rate Cycle Continues in November 2022   7 CARE Edge
Jan-23 Oct-Dec'22 Earnings Preview   13 Prabhudas Lilladher
Jan-23 Earnings progression on track   24 Motilal Oswal
Jan-23 Bank-o-meter   9 Emkay Research
Jan-23 November sectoral credit deployment   6 ICICI Securities
Jan-23 Financial trends and progress FY22: Key inferences to draw   45 ICICI Securities
Jan-23 Banking Credit growth moderated after historical highs.   21 IDBI Capital
Jan-23 Moderation in incremental credit growth post a robust festive season   6 Nirmal Bang