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Budget 2008 - 2009
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05-Mar-08 An Attempt To Balance Politics And Economics
04-Mar-08 With excise hike, Chidambaram plays knockout game
04-Mar-08 Analysis of Union Budget 2008-09
04-Mar-08 PC loads capacity norm to fix excise evasion glitch
04-Mar-08 Union Budget 2008 - Tries to please everyone
03-Mar-08 India Budget 08-09 Analysis - Khandwala Securities
03-Mar-08 Edelweiss Budget 2008-09 Analysis
03-Mar-08 BUDGET 2008-09 Pro-consumption Bounty - Emkay
03-Mar-08 Union Budget Analysis 2008-09
03-Mar-08 Budget 2008 Analysis
03-Mar-08 Union Budget Analysis 2008-09
03-Mar-08 Consumption Driven Inclusive Growth - Budget Preview 2008-09
03-Mar-08 Sweet pill for pharma cos, but markets not enthused
03-Mar-08 Commexes want trade tax to go
03-Mar-08 FM gives NRIs more investment options
28-Feb-08 FM may not whip up a social sector splash
27-Feb-08 Da Kural Code: Decoding Thiru Chidambaram
27-Feb-08 Railway Budget 2008-09
27-Feb-08 Fare Well
27-Feb-08 Lalu's gravy train heads for general poll station
26-Feb-08 Railway Budget 2008-09 Highlights
26-Feb-08 Union Budget 2008-09 Preview
26-Feb-08 Pre-Budget Expectations 2008-09
26-Feb-08 GST road map to be laid out
25-Feb-08 Cheaper ATF hopes crash at North Block
22-Feb-08 Rail fares set to fall further
22-Feb-08 Liners may get MAT relief on vessel sales
20-Feb-08 Chidambaram's Canvas May Cover Art Fund Regulation Too
20-Feb-08 Higher Surcharge On Individuals And Less On Companies Is Unfair
20-Feb-08 FM's Options For Achieving 9% Growth
19-Feb-08 EOUs' tax holiday may get longer
19-Feb-08 Service tax demolition may lower home cost 4%
19-Feb-08 Budget Expectations - 2008-09
19-Feb-08 Pre Budget Expectations for 2008-09
18-Feb-08 Poll year may see support of Rs 10,000 cr over GBS
18-Feb-08 Food processing gear may get customs sop
18-Feb-08 Cos want layers of tax washed away
16-Feb-08 Industry seeks import protection, cut in levies
15-Feb-08 Moody Blues
15-Feb-08 Quotes are fine, but treat us like IT
15-Feb-08 Cess may part-fund farmers' relief package
15-Feb-08 The Thin Edge
15-Feb-08 Tale of Two Villages
15-Feb-08 Good things come in small cities
15-Feb-08 The New Indian Inflation Club
14-Feb-08 Services export may be redefined
14-Feb-08 Drug cos seek cure for R&D, export chill
13-Feb-08 Forex reserves may help stabilise retail fuel prices
13-Feb-08 Plantation cos look for rejuvenation package
13-Feb-08 Commexes unlikely to get infrastructure tag
12-Feb-08 Textile industry seeks fiscal sops to set off export loss
12-Feb-08 It's time to move from aspiration to execution
11-Feb-08 Tax Leeway Likely For Service Sector Pros
11-Feb-08 Dividend Tax May Be Cut
11-Feb-08 Fmcg Eyes Country Road To Growth
11-Feb-08 Small Traders' Excise Follies May Be Forgiven
09-Feb-08 Peak Customs Duty To Stay, But Rejig Likely
09-Feb-08 LIC May Write Insurance Policy For Women Self-Help Groups
09-Feb-08 Industry Wants A Metallic Edge
08-Feb-08 Give States The Power To Levy Service Tax
08-Feb-08 Tech Firms Hope For A Longer Tax Holiday
07-Feb-08 Lighter excise load likely for power cos
07-Feb-08 Oilcos may get some sops, but no big changes likely
07-Feb-08 Take care of farmer, inflation: Cong to FM
06-Feb-08 Life May Be Less Taxing After Budget
06-Feb-08 PC Can't Afford To Irk Middle Class
06-Feb-08 Building Block
06-Feb-08 Hospitality Hopes For Better Infrastructure
06-Feb-08 STPI Sops May Live For Smes Hit By $ Crash
06-Feb-08 Nothing Wrong In Taxing Both The Tree And The Fruit
05-Feb-08 Budgetary Support Likely To Jump 17%
05-Feb-08 A Question Of Royalty And Fees For Technical Services
05-Feb-08 Core Thrust Does It, But Industry Wants More
04-Feb-08 Meet Big B Behind The Budget - BUDGEE!
04-Feb-08 Tuning In For A Clear Signal
04-Feb-08 Power Sector Pins Hopes On Finmin
04-Feb-08 Service Tax Rate May Remain Unchanged
04-Feb-08 States Can Expect More Central Funds This Budget
04-Feb-08 Food Subsidy Bill For 2007-08 Set To Inch Up To Rs 30,000 Cr Plus
04-Feb-08 Should Two Goods And Services Tax Components Have The Same Base?
02-Feb-08 India Inc May Get An FBT Breather This Time Round
02-Feb-08 Auto Makers Want Duty Excised To Small-Car Levels
02-Feb-08 FM May Need To Go The Whole Hog To Spur Demand
02-Feb-08 Time To Bring Rich Agriculturists Within Income, Wealth Tax Net
02-Feb-08 Crops Need More Support From Budget
01-Feb-08 FM Looks To Budget For A Poll Year
01-Feb-08 Dipp Builds Excise Relief For Cement Companies
30-Jan-08 34% Cut In Ministries' Demands To Hit Plans
30-Jan-08 IT Sector For Sunny Days, Not Sunset Clause
30-Jan-08 Mass Housing Needs A Policy Shift
30-Jan-08 House That?
29-Jan-08 Farmers May Get More For Consumption
25-Jan-08 Notified Area Under Urban Limit Set To Go Up
25-Jan-08 On Why FBT Is Fast Becoming Totalitarian For India Inc
24-Jan-08 India Inc May Find FCCB Clones On Home Street
23-Jan-08 Lalu Wagon Steams Ahead; Freight Rates May Dip By 5%
22-Jan-08 PC Lathing Relief For Re-Wracked Textile Sector
22-Jan-08 Not Allowing Standard Deduction For The Salaried Is Unjust, Arbitrary
21-Jan-08 Banks Want Tax Sops For Core Funding Back
21-Jan-08 What's In Store On The Corporate Tax Front?
17-Jan-08 Indirect Tax Cut Can Propel Economy
17-Jan-08 Decision On Number Of Taxes To Be Subsumed, Rate Structure Key To GST
17-Jan-08 Budget May Cut Duty On Ferro Nickel To 2%
16-Jan-08 High-End Mobiles, LCDs May Cost Less
16-Jan-08 VC Investors In Food Processing May Get Pass-Through Status
16-Jan-08 Should Dividend Remain Exempt From Income Tax?
16-Jan-08 Individuals Need A Less Rigorous Tax Regime
15-Jan-08 Excise cut may kickstart 2-,3-wheeler market
10-Jan-08 Taxmen may source defence min supplies for adding to collections
03-Jan-08 Broadcasters May Get Good News In Budget
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