Note : Those securities that have a 6 monthly average (full) market cap of more than Rs. 100 crores but less than Rs. 1000 crores and have more than 1000 public shareholders are classified in "XC" sub-segment. The balance securities are classified in "XD" sub-segment. Further, securities falling in 'DT' and 'T' groups at present that do not satisfy any of the above exclusions are classified under "XT" sub-segment.

23-03-2019Dhanada Corporation Ltd.OthersXT
23-03-2019Indergiri Finance Ltd.Change in Other ExecutivesX
23-03-2019Inter State Oil Carriers Ltd.Change in AuditorsX
23-03-2019Lesha Industries Ltd.Change in DirectorsXT
23-03-2019Marvel Vinyls Ltd.Redemption/Change in AuditorsZ
23-03-2019Pradhin Ltd.Change in DirectorsXT
23-03-2019Purshottam Investofin Ltd.Change in AuditorsX
23-03-2019Span Divergent Ltd.Change in DirectorsX
23-03-2019Trident Texofab Ltd.OthersM
23-03-2019Vippy Spinpro Ltd.Change in DirectorsX
25-03-2019Abhinav Capital Services Ltd.Change in Other Executives/OthersXT
25-03-2019Amines & Plasticizers Ltd.Change in DirectorsX
25-03-2019Ashirwad Steels & Industries Ltd.Change in Other ExecutivesXT
25-03-2019Ashnisha Industries Ltd.OthersT
25-03-2019Bullish Bonds And Holdings Ltd.OthersX
25-03-2019General Insurance Corporation of IndiaOthersA
25-03-2019GKB Ophthalmics Ltd.OthersX
25-03-2019Indo-Global Enterprises Ltd.OthersXT
25-03-2019Kwality Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
25-03-2019Lesha Industries Ltd.OthersXT
25-03-2019Mena Mani Industries Ltd.OthersX
25-03-2019Mishtann Foods Ltd.Change in Directors/Change in Other ExecutivesX
25-03-2019Purohit Construction Ltd.OthersXT
25-03-2019Real News & Views Ltd.OthersX
25-03-2019Sandu Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Change in AuditorsX
25-03-2019Saven Technologies Ltd.OthersX
25-03-2019Titan Bio-Tech Ltd.OthersX
25-03-2019Titan Securities Ltd.OthersXT
25-03-2019Unjha Formulations Ltd.OthersX
26-03-2019Arihant Superstructures Ltd.OthersT
26-03-2019Girdharilal Sugar & Allied Industries Ltd.Change in Other Executives/OthersP
26-03-2019GOCL Corporation Ltd.Interim DividendB
27-03-2019Arnold Holding LtdOthersX
27-03-2019Blue Cloud Softech Solutions Ltd.Raising of CapitalXT
27-03-2019Dhruv Consultancy Services Ltd.OthersM
27-03-2019Pawansut Holdings Ltd.OthersXT
27-03-2019Regency Trust Ltd.OthersX
27-03-2019Sri Ramakrishna Mills (Coimbatore) Ltd.OthersX
28-03-2019Aditya Consumer Marketing Ltd.OthersM
28-03-2019Aditya Vision Ltd.OthersM
28-03-2019Rainbow Denim Ltd.OthersX
28-03-2019Rama Petrochemicals Ltd.OthersX
29-03-2019Balmer Lawrie & Company Ltd.OthersB
29-03-2019JSW Energy Ltd.OthersA
30-03-2019Integra Switchgear Ltd.OthersZ
04-04-2019GM Breweries Ltd.Dividend/Quarterly ResultsB
06-04-2019India Nippon Electricals Ltd.Interim DividendB
12-04-2019Gangotri Textiles Ltd.AccountsZ
20-04-2019HDFC Bank Ltd.Quarterly Results/DividendA
22-04-2019Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd.Quarterly Results/DividendA