Note : Those securities that have a 6 monthly average (full) market cap of more than Rs. 100 crores but less than Rs. 1000 crores and have more than 1000 public shareholders are classified in "XC" sub-segment. The balance securities are classified in "XD" sub-segment. Further, securities falling in 'DT' and 'T' groups at present that do not satisfy any of the above exclusions are classified under "XT" sub-segment.

19-06-2024Aayush Food & Herbs Ltd.ESOP/Stock Split/Increase in Authorised CapitalXT
19-06-2024Awfis Space Solutions Ltd.AccountsB
19-06-2024Bimetal Bearings Ltd.Change in DirectorsX
19-06-2024Cistro Telelinks Ltd.Reduction in CapitalXT
19-06-2024Lords Ishwar Hotels Ltd.OthersXT
19-06-2024Marsons Ltd.OthersZ
19-06-2024Sapphire Foods India Ltd.Stock SplitA
19-06-2024SEPC Ltd.Right IssueB
19-06-2024Shantidoot Infra Services Ltd.OthersMT
19-06-2024State Bank of India Ltd.Raising funds through Debt Instr.A
19-06-2024Yunik Mananging Advisors Ltd.Change in DirectorsXT
20-06-2024Aartech Solonics Ltd.Bonus Issue/Stock Split/Increase in Authorised Capital/Amendments in MoAT
20-06-2024Apis India Ltd.Accounts/Quarterly ResultsXT
20-06-2024Bampsl Securities Ltd.Change in AuditorsX
20-06-2024Bhakti Gems and Jewellery Ltd.Change in Directors/EGMB
20-06-2024Capital Small Finance Bank Ltd.AGMB
20-06-2024Capital Trust Ltd.OthersB
20-06-2024Captain Pipes Ltd.Increase in Authorised CapitalT
20-06-2024Colab Cloud Platforms Ltd.OthersXT
20-06-2024Deco Mica Ltd.OthersXT
20-06-2024Dhyaani Tradeventures Ltd.OthersM
20-06-2024ITCONS E-Solutions Ltd.Increase in Authorised Capital/Issue of WarrantsM
20-06-2024Kiduja India Ltd.Prefl. IssueX
20-06-2024Ksolves India Ltd.Interim Dividend/ESOPB
20-06-2024Parsvnath Developers Ltd.Accounts/DividendB
20-06-2024Purple Finance Ltd.OthersT
20-06-2024Sanmit Infra Ltd.OthersT
20-06-2024Shashank Traders Ltd.Right IssueXT
20-06-2024Sky Gold Ltd.ESOP/Prefl. Issue/Increase in Authorised CapitalT
20-06-2024Sumeru Industries Ltd.Change in DirectorsXT
20-06-2024Vama Industries Ltd.OthersX
20-06-2024Vedanta Ltd.OthersA
21-06-2024Amforge Industries Ltd.Change in AuditorsX
21-06-2024Arihant Capital Markets Ltd.Disinvestments/Subsidiary CompanyB
21-06-2024C.E.Info Systems Ltd.AGMA
21-06-2024Intec Capital Ltd.AccountsXT
21-06-2024Kavveri Telecoms Ltd.Change in DirectorsT
21-06-2024Kore Foods Ltd.Redemption/Issue of Preference SharesX
21-06-2024Mangalam Industrial Finance Ltd.Raising funds through Debt Instr.X
21-06-2024Maxheights Infrastructure Ltd.AGMX
21-06-2024Nicco Uco Alliance Credit Ltd.AGMXT
21-06-2024Rajath Finance Ltd.Accounts/Right Issue/Increase in Authorised CapitalXT
21-06-2024Steelco Gujarat Ltd.Accounts/Quarterly Results/Reduction in CapitalZ
21-06-2024Wardwizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd.Change in Auditors/Raising funds through Debt Instr.B
22-06-2024Bangalore Fort Farms Ltd.Change in DirectorsXT
22-06-2024Bio Green Papers Ltd.Prefl. Issue/Reduction in CapitalZ
22-06-2024Hind Aluminium Industries Ltd.OthersX
22-06-2024Maruti Infrastructure Ltd.Bonus Issue/Stock Split/Increase in Authorised CapitalXT
22-06-2024Shanti Spintex Ltd.OthersM
22-06-2024Superhouse Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
22-06-2024Vasudhagama Enterprises Ltd.Change in DirectorsXT
24-06-2024Gangotri Textiles Ltd.Change in AuditorsZ
24-06-2024PVV Infra Ltd.Bonus IssueXT
25-06-2024Innovatus Entertainment Networks Ltd.OthersM
25-06-2024Inventure Growth & Securities Ltd.Right IssueB
25-06-2024Miven Machine Tools Ltd.OthersXT
25-06-2024Money Masters Leasing & Finance Ltd.Stock Split/Increase in Authorised CapitalB
25-06-2024Radha Madhav Corporation Ltd.Change in Other ExecutivesZ
25-06-2024Supreme Infrastructure India Ltd.Quarterly ResultsZ
28-06-2024Kaiser Corporation Ltd.Change in Auditors/Change in DirectorsXT
28-06-2024LCC Infotech Ltd.Change in AuditorsT
02-07-2024Vadilal Industries Ltd.AccountsB
12-07-2024HCL Technologies Ltd.Quarterly Results/Interim DividendA
17-07-2024Asian Paints Ltd.Quarterly ResultsA
18-07-2024Infosys Ltd.Quarterly ResultsA
19-07-2024Ultra Tech Cement Ltd.Quarterly ResultsA