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Feb-17 Looking beyond numbers, better days ahead 19 Edelweiss Securities
Jan-17 US advances key pipelines- could impact global GRM 8 Edelweiss Securities
Jan-17 Monthly round up –Jan’17 14 Emkay Research
Jan-17 3QFY17E Results Preview 8 HDFC Securities
Jan-17 Strong performance expected across verticals 4 IDBI Capital
Jan-17 The Three Musketeers 42 Motilal Oswal
Nov-16 Added hindrance for upstream companies 7 Emkay Research
Nov-16 OMCs- Steady state is good enough! 12 IDFC Securities
Oct-16 Indian fuel consumption 6 IDFC Securities
Oct-16 Q2FY17E Results Preview 8 India Nivesh
Oct-16 Gas & Upstream to report healthy numbers in Q2 4 IDBI Capital
Oct-16 Monthly round up –Oct'16 14 Emkary Research
Oct-16 Brroadeniing Grrowtth Horriizons 26 Edelweiss Securities
Oct-16 Upstream Oil & Gas 6 ICICI Securities
Sep-16 Oil Markets in 2016 4 Care Research
Sep-16 Inventory build-up drives strong demand growth 7 IDFC Securities
Sep-16 Monthly round up –Sep'16 14 Emkay Research
Aug-16 Higher oil prices needed for a change in outlook 5 Religare Research
Aug-16 Stay the course 11 Prabhudas Lilladher
Jul-16 Last leg of reform 4 Emkay Research
Jul-16 Oil & Gas : Kerosene price hike - upbeat on upstream 6 IDBI Capital
Jul-16 Crude reverses; upstream/gas companies strong QoQ 18 Motilal Oswal
Jul-16 Distribution businesses sustained momentum 11 IDFC Securities
Jul-16 PDS kerosene price hiked after five years 10 Motilal Oswal
Jun-16 CGD: secular theme; execution key for upside 12 IIFL
Jun-16 India OMCs: Strong FY16, outlook remains robust 54 Nomura Securities
Jun-16 External Trade - Weakness in non-oil and non-gold imports persists 7 Edelweiss Securities
Jun-16 May-16 demand moderates - high base finally catching up; retail fuels still strong 7 Credit Suisse
Jun-16 Energy Monthly Report 7 Angel Broking
Jun-16 Oil & Gas - Upstream road shows: Moving forward marginally 10 Edelweiss Securities
Jun-16 Oil & Gas - French refinery strikes leave Indian refiners in better shape 6 IDFC Securities
Jun-16 Oil & Gas Sector - Q4FY16 Results Review 9 India Nivesh
Jun-16 India Energy - Q4 Review: Q4 in line; better times ahead 7 Religare Research
May-16 OMCs on Strong Set Of Numbers 16 Emkay Research
Apr-16 Year 1 post deregulation; OMCs on strong footing 22 Motilal Oswal
Apr-16 India FY16 POL consumption growth at 8 year high of 11% 6 Motilal Oswal
Apr-16 Strong earnings growth for RIL and OMCs in FY16E 9 ICICI Securities
Apr-16 All eyes on refineries once again... 4 IDBI
Apr-16 The Oil Conundrum 13 CD EquiSearch
Mar-16 A rare alignment in fundamentals 69 Religare Research
Mar-16 Utilisations strong for MRPL/CPCL – Better times ahead 8 IDFC
Mar-16 Monthly round up 11 Emkay Research
Mar-16 A 'HELP' for 'NELP'; to aid deep water monetization 6 Motilal Oswal
Mar-16 New gas price formula not very enticing 7 Nomura
Mar-16 Budget woes 8 Edelweiss Securities
Feb-16 Likely tax rationalization in budget to boost earnings 16 Motilal Oswal
Feb-16 BP, Global Gas Analysis Head ? World Energy Outlook 16 Edelweiss Securities
Feb-16 World Coal Association – Key takeaways 17 Edelweiss Securities
Feb-16 Strong set of numbers 15 Emkay Research
Jan-16 3QFY16F preview 19 Nomura
Jan-16 Strong GRM to boost refineries profits 4 IDBI
Jan-16 LNG: Oversupply to keep prices low; Positive for gas sector 18 IDBI
Jan-16 Ras Gas contract renegotiated favorably; take-or-pay waived 8 Motilal Oswal
Dec-15 Christmas cheers: Uncle Sam to Indian refiners 13 Edelweiss Research
Dec-15 Refiners in a sweet spot 8 IIFL
Dec-15 Firing on all cylinders 47 IDFC
Nov-15 Makings of a strong December quarter! 10 Edelweiss Securities
Nov-15 Identifying Winners 118 Emkay Research
Nov-15 RasGas contract modification likely soon 7 Nomura
Nov-15 New draft Hydrocarbon Policy – Kick-starting reforms! 10 Edelweiss Research
Oct-15 Q2FY16: Lower GRM, crude fall to hit refineries sequentially 4 IDBI
Oct-15 ONGC to hurt, IGL to gain from imminent gas price cut 8 Edelweiss Research
Sep-15 Fuel Consumption Trends – Aug 2015 8 IDFC
Sep-15 Good times for downstream companies 60 Prabhudas Lilladher
Sep-15 Margins surge on lower-than-expected price cuts 5 Edelweiss Research
Aug-15 One-off quarterly earnings behind; strong recurring earnings yet to manifest 8 Motilal Oswal
Aug-15 Inventory gain boosted profit 15 Emkay Research
Jul-15 OMCs in new era; transforming from cyclical to structural plays 30 Motilal Oswal
Jul-15 Further Regulatory Easing, This Time for Pipeline Firms 11 Citi
Jul-15 PNGRB looks to revise tariff methodology 6 IDFC
Jul-15 Q1 Preview: Upstream PSU earnings to improve 12 Religare
Jul-15 Q1FY16: Strong GRM and better realisation to drive growth 4 IDBI Capital
Jul-15 Q1FY16E Results Preview 5 IndiaNivesh
Jul-15 Current strength unlikely to sustain 5 IIFL
Jul-15 India oil PSUs: The best is yet to come 66 Nomura
Jul-15 Oil price fall impels margin boost 5 Edelweiss
Jul-15 Rulings against PNGRB improve outlook 7 Nomura
Jul-15 India oil PSUs: The best is yet to come 66 Nomura
Jul-15 Can Greece lead to a hiccup for GRMs? 11 IDFC
Jun-15 Good progress on LPG reforms going unnoticed 10 Edelweiss
Jun-15 Small reliefs 3 Edelweiss
Jun-15 Spiked GRM's; Higher Marketing Margins; fuel up OMC's 15 Emkay
Jun-15 Buy majors on cost cuts, downstream profits 32 Nomura
May-15 Interim relief for stranded gas based plants though long term... 8 Care Rating
May-15 RLNG e-auction result positive for PLNG/GAIL 6 Nomura
May-15 Expect nil subsidy share for upstream/OMCs in 4QFY15 16 Motilal Oswal
Apr-15 Upstream PSUs: Absolved from LPG subsidy 7 Religare
Apr-15 Q4FY15: Healthy GRM to boost refineries' bottom line 4 IDBI Capital
Apr-15 A mixed bag 5 IDFC
Apr-15 Good for refiners, bad for gas 20 Nomura
Apr-15 Upstream PSUs: Down but not out 24 Religare
Apr-15 Domestic gas price revised lower 2 Sunidhi
Mar-15 LNG for power: policy workable & positive 6 Nomura
Mar-15 GSPL, GGAS meetings takeaways 6 Nomura
Feb-15 Oil Marketing Companies 6 IIFL
Feb-15 OMCs – Inventory losses hit Q3 profitability 11 Religare
Feb-15 Crude declines; refining margins stay firm 12 Religare
Jan-15 Fuel Consumption Trends – Dec’14 8 IDFC
Jan-15 Time to fish upstream – BUY ONGC and OINL 47 Religare
Jan-15 3QFY15F: a very difficult quarter 18 Nomura
Jan-15 Lower crude oil price bode well for downstream companies 4 IDBI Capital
Jan-15 OMCs undeterred by emerging competition 34 Emkay Research
Jan-15 Fuel Consumption Trends - Nov'14 9 IDFC
Dec-14 Now prefer upstream over downstream 64 Nomura
Dec-14 Energy Pulse - Crude tumbles but GRMs improve 12 Religare Research
Nov-14 Marketing margins scale higher 15 Emkay
Nov-14 Oil Marketing Companies (Q2 FY15) 5 IIFL
Oct-14 Oil & Gas - HOPE turns into REALITY 16 Emkay Research
Oct-14 Oil & Gas Sector Update 4 IDBI Capital
Oct-14 Oil reforms - Indeed a "Diwali Cracker"! 5 Edelweiss Research
Oct-14 Oil & Gas Sector Update 3 Sunidhi
Oct-14 India Oil & Gas - Q2 Preview: Stronger quarter for upstream/gas cos 8 Religare Research
Oct-14 Q2FY15 Earnings Preview - Oil & Gas 3 IDBI Capital
Oct-14 2QFY15 Preview: Under recoveries down ~30% QoQ 18 Motilal Oswal
Sep-14 Oil & Gas - Stay put; it's worth the wait 21 Emkay Research
Sep-14 Higher gas demand helping LNG offtake in 2QFY15; PLNG top pick 7 Goldman Sachs
Sep-14 Gasoline - The Oil & Gas Monthly 37 Motilal Oswal
Sep-14 Likely moving into last month of losses on diesel sales 7 Goldman Sachs
Aug-14 Brent Crude Outlook 8 ICICIdirect.com
Aug-14 Crude prices on the decline; ONGC/OIL to benefit... 6 IDFC
Aug-14 Gasoline - The Oil & Gas Monthly 33 Motilal Oswal
Jul-14 Oil & Gas - Thematic 54 Motilal Oswal
Jul-14 Oil & Gas - Sunny days more to come... 16 IDBI Capital
Jul-14 India Oil & Gas - 1QF likely to be weak 17 Nomura
Jul-14 1QFY15 Preview: Policy action to guide stock performance 18 Motilal Oswal
Jun-14 Oil & gas - CCEA defers gas price hike... 5 ICICIdirect.com
Jun-14 Oil Reforms: Post diesel, LPG/Kero monthly hikes likely 6 Motilal Oswal
Jun-14 Differential gas pricing unlikely/difficult to implement 12 Motilal Oswal
Apr-14 Gasoline - The Oil & Gas Monthly 34 Motilal Oswal
Jun-14 Indian Oil & Gas - Resetting FY15/ 16E subsidy assumptions... 6 IDFC
May-14 Reform continuum - Oil and Gas sector update 30 ICICI Securities
Apr-14 Decade low demand growth, but import dependence up 8 Motilal Oswal
Apr-14 Fuel Consumption Trends - Mar'14 7 IDFC
Apr-14 Gasoline - The Oil & Gas Monthly 29 Motilal Oswal
Apr-14 India Oil & Gas - 4QF preview: Likely a good quarter 17 Nomura
Apr-14 Oil & Gas - Strong qoq growth ahead... 4 IDFC
Apr-14 Diesel loss -INR6/ltr, OMCs seek EC nod for further hikes 6 Motilal Oswal
Apr-14 Delhi meetings indicate downstream has less uncertainty 7 Goldman Sachs
Mar-14 Elections take toll - gas hike deferred 5 Nomura
Mar-14 Election Commission recommends deferment of gas price hike 6 Motilal Oswal
Mar-14 Oil and gas sector update 1 ICICI Securities
Mar-14 Gasoline - The Oil & Gas Monthly 32 Motilal Oswal
Feb-14 India Petroleum Insight 18 HSBC
Feb-14 Natural gas - US LNG export permissions ramp up; positive for India 7 IDFC
Jan-14 Near-term risks increase for ONGC 17 Nomura
Jan-14 Government ratifies gas price hike 1 ICICI direct.com
Jan-14 MoPNG notifies gas price hike; Big positive for domestic gas producers 6 Motilal Oswal
Jan-14 Gas price hike: Significant positive 9 IDBI Capital
Dec-13 Risk high of stopping diesel hikes soon; notification of gas hike also likely to see delays 18 Nomura Research
Nov-13 Oil & Gas - Reforms slower than required, but on a firm track 22 Motilal Oswal
Nov-13 Indian Petrochem 2013: India demand to remain strong 12 Motilal Oswal
Nov-13 Oil & Gas Varied impact on CGD entities 4 Emkay Research
Nov-13 Gasoline - The Oil & Gas Monthly 32 Motilal Oswal
Oct-13 Consumption Of Petroleum Products-August 2013 4 Nirmal Bang
Oct-13 Near-term policy clarity to help refiners and E&P; RIL to benefit 7 Goldman Sachs
Oct-13 Gasoline - The Oil & Gas Monthly 30 Motilal Oswal
Oct-13 Crude Oil Monthly Update 5 Angel Commodities
Oct-13 Q2 preview: Stronger quarter for upstream PSUs 10 Religare
Oct-13 Oil & Gas Update 92 Motilal Oswal
Sep-13 India Oil Marketing Sector 25 Credit Suisse
Sep-13 Consumption Of Petroleum Products-July 2013 4 Nirmal Bang
Sep-13 India Oil - Volatility creates a buying opportunity 40 HSBC
Sep-13 Diesel price hike – missed opportunity? 19 Nomura Equity Research
Aug-13 Twin Blows - Rising Crude Oil Prices And Rupee Slide 4 Nirmal Bang
Aug-13 Gasoline - The Oil & Gas Monthly 32 Motilal Oswal
Aug-13 Indian oil & gas weekly 16 Nomura
Aug-13 Trend Watch - Energy 5 BRICS
Jul-13 Weekly monitor - Indian oil & gas weekly 17 Nomura Equity Research
Jul-13 Indian oil & gas weekly 19 Nomura
Jul-13 Trend Watch - Energy 5 BRICS
Jul-13 Government raises gas price 5 Angel Broking
Jul-13 Increase domestic gas price boost earnings of ONGC, OIL, and RIL 4 BRICS
Jul-13 Alert: Cabinet Approves Gas Price Hike on Rangarajan Formula 7 Citi
Jul-13 Gas price hike sans clarity 2 Emkay Research
Jul-13 Good move: RIL key beneficiary in long term 6 IDBI Capital
Jul-13 Oil & Gas Sector Update 2 Nirmal Bang
Jun-13 Energy Outlook 3 Nirmal Bang
Jun-13 Indian gas price to double to USD8.4/mmbtu 2 Edelweiss
Jun-13 Weekly monitor - Indian oil & gas weekly 18 Nomura
Jun-13 Consumption Of Petroleum Products - April 2013 4 Nirmal Bang
Jun-13 India Oil & Gas - Looking through the reforms maze 38 Emkay Research
Jun-13 Oil Sector - Rupee Depreciation: A Sensitivity Analysis 3 IDBI Capital
Jun-13 Energy Monthly 6 IDBI Capital
Jun-13 Trend Watch - Energy 5 BRICS
May-13 Oil & Gas Sector Update 4 Nirmal Bang
May-13 Indian oil & gas weekly 18 Nomura
May-13 Gasoline - The Oil & Gas Monthly 31 Motilal Oswal
May-13 PetroScan - Refining margins continue to be under stress 28 Emkay Research
May-13 Weekly monitor - Indian oil & gas weekly 16 Nomura
Apr-13 Indian oil & gas weekly 18 Nomura
Apr-13 4QFY13F preview - Will oil PSUs get into red? 20 Nomura
Apr-13 GasoLine the oil and gas monthly 26 Motilal Oswal
Apr-13 Indian oil & gas weekly 17 Nomura
Apr-13 Trend Watch - Energy 5 BRICS
Mar-13 India Energy: Landmark reforms … Oil PSUs to benefit 90 Motilal Oswal
Mar-13 PetroScan - Refining improves, petchem declines 28 Emkay Research
Mar-13 India Oil & Gas - Government reforms in focus 43 Emkay Research
Mar-13 GasoLine the oil and gas monthly 28 Motilal Oswal
Mar-13 Weekly monitor : Indian oil & gas weekly 18 Nomura
Mar-13 Energy Monthly 6 IDBI Capital