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Jan-17 Q3 Preview: Mixed quarter 6 Motilal Oswal
Jan-17 December 2016: Generation up 6% YoY 10 Religare Research
Jan-17 OMC marketing margins may have peaked 12 Religare Research
Dec-16 UDAY: Light at the end of a long tunnel 17 HDFC Securities
Dec-16 Growth at 8%; low base effect 11 IDFC Securities
Nov-16 Muted demand continue to impact generation growth 8 Emkay Research
Nov-16 Generation growth impacted by soft demand 9 Emkay Research
Oct-16 Q2 Preview: Muted power demand to hit PLFs 5 Religare Research
Oct-16 Weak BTG order pipeline in 2HFY17 6 Motilal Oswal
Oct-16 Q2FY17 generation growth subdued at 1.3% 11 IDFC Securities
Oct-16 UDAY to soon cover almost all of DISCOM losses 12 Motilal Oswal
Oct-16 Monsoons dampen demand; Lead to flat generation 9 Emkay Research
Sep-16 Q1FY17 review – Winners and Losers 9 ICICI Securities
Aug-16 Demand slumps, but in line with seasonal trend 13 Edelweiss Securities
Aug-16 DISCOMs, the weakest link in the Power value chain 10 Care Research
Aug-16 Solar Power Generation Sector: Satisfactory operating performance 15 Care Research
Jul-16 Regulatory rumblings: It's advantage consumers again 6 Edelweiss Securities
Jul-16 1QFY17F: Below consensus for COAL/RPWR 6 Nomura Securities
Jul-16 Pit-head stations firmly entrenched for superior returns 15 Edelweiss Securities
Jun-16 Regulatory rumbles: Who pays for the fuel? 9 Edelweiss Securities
Jun-16 IDFC Power Pulse - India Wind: Draft guidelines for auction; demand-supply deficit lowest at 0.6% 15 IDFC Securities
Jun-16 IDFC Power Pulse - India Coal: May statistics; core industries growth 8.5% yoy 17 IDFC
Jun-16 T&D Equipment - Right time to 'buy' the T&D capex story 4 ICICI Securities
Jun-16 Power - A sedate growth rate conceals underlying change in sector 14 Edelweiss Securities
Jun-16 Power Sector - Q4FY16 Results Review 9 India Nivesh
Jun-16 Power and Coal - Benefiting from fall in coal prices, demand yet to revive 8 ICICI Securities
Apr-16 4QFY16F: Mixed bag; mgmt. comments critical 6 Nomura
Apr-16 Few winners in tepid quarter, UDAY rollout offers hope 21 ICICI Securities
Apr-16 Mundra tariff relief saga lingers 7 Nomura
Mar-16 IDFC Power Pulse 11 IDFC Securities
Mar-16 Capacity addition compounds demand woes 8 ICICI Securities
Feb-16 All is not dim, there are bright spots 8 ICICI Securities
Feb-16 Bridge Linkage – a win-win for NTPC, COAL? 7 Nomura
Jan-16 Tariff Policy changes – Assessing the impact 9 Nomura
Jan-16 Cabinet approves amendments to Power Tariff Policy 6 Motilal Oswal
Jan-16 Expect COAL, CESC, RPWR to surprise 6 Nomura
Jan-16 IDFC Power Pulse 11 IDFC
Jan-16 Muted growth 12 IDFC
Jan-16 Demand softens due to onset of winter... 11 ICICI Direct
Dec-15 11 states join UDAY, represent 48% of commercial losses 4 Motilal Oswal
Dec-15 No growth in generation 12 IDFC
Dec-15 Improved demand leads to higher generation 11 ICICI Direct
Nov-15 Strong generation growth for second month in a row 11 IDFC
Nov-15 Q2 Review: Steady quarter 7 Religare Research
Nov-15 Can UDAY spark a disco(m) dance? 7 Religare Research
Nov-15 Project UDAY: Dimming power financiers outlook 15 Edelweiss Securities
Nov-15 The best attempt till date to reform Power DISCOMs 4 Emkay Research
Nov-15 Minister of Power presented "UDAY" 6 Motilal Oswal
Nov-15 Government unveils power DISCOM revival package 4 Nomura
Nov-15 Power Pulse 11 IDFC
Nov-15 Power Plus 11 ICICI Direct
Nov-15 Power Report 7 ICICI Securities
Oct-15 Outlook of Wind Power Projects and Key Trends 9 Care Research
Oct-15 IDFC Power Pulse 12 IDFC
Oct-15 Short circuit... Again 19 Emkay Research
Oct-15 Power Plus 11 ICICI Direct
Sep-15 Second round of gas bidding under subsidy mechanism 7 IDFC
Sep-15 IDFC Power Pulse 9 IDFC
Sep-15 Power Plus 11 ICICI Direct
Sep-15 Power Utilities 9 IDFC
Aug-15 will the solar power costs come down? 6 Care Research
Aug-15 Q1 Review: Utilities score over private IPPs 8 Religare Research
Jul-15 Coal supply policy for IPPs: minimal changes 7 Nomura
Jul-15 Rise in hydro generation hits thermal PLF... 11 ICICI Direct
Jun-15 Solar Rooftop: Opportunities And Challenges 7 Care Research
Jun-15 Power Generation Update (May 2015) 9 IDFC
Jun-15 Auction of 10 coal blocks (non-power) in Aug 6 Nomura
Jun-15 Stable outlook with a few signs of revival 7 Care Ratings
Jun-15 Lower demand hits merchant rates... 11 ICICI Direct
May-15 Detailed subsidy mechanism for gas-based power plants 7 IDFC
Apr-15 Coal blocks linked PPA tariffs – what's new? 6 Nomura
Apr-15 4QFY15: We are mostly in line with consensus 6 Nomura
Apr-15 Weaker demand impact earnings 19 ICICI Securities
Apr-15 FY15 sees highest growth in a decade 9 IDFC
Apr-15 Deficit falls post rise in generation 11 ICICI Direct
Apr-15 Distribution sector reforms need of the hour 4 Care
Jan-15 Round up of generation for 3QFY15 8 IDFC
Dec-14 Deficit declines amid arrival of winter season 11 ICICI direct.com
Dec-14 India Industrials - T&D capex proceeding well 9 Anand Rathi
Oct-14 Power Plus - Reforms pick up pace... 10 ICICIdirect.com
Sep-14 Powering up on policy & demand: Buy HPCL (on to CL), ONGC, GSPT 47 Goldman Sachs
Sep-14 Power - Impact of SC order on power utilities and infra 13 IDFC
Sep-14 India: Utilities - SC move +ve for long term coal supply, but process uncertain 6 Goldman Sachs
Aug-14 Power Pulse - Round-up of key operational metrics 9 IDFC
Jul-14 Power Plus - Coal inventory soars on poor coal supply... 10 ICICIdirect.com
Jul-14 Power Sector - Uptick to continue but stock selection needs to be very careful 87 Emkay Research
Jul-14 India Power Utilities & Coal Update 6 Nomura
Jul-14 Power and Gas - Sector Update 12 Centrum
Jun-14 Power Plus - Deficits soften post elections... 10 ICICIdirect.com
Jun-14 India power utilities & coal 8 Nomura
May-14 India Power Sector - Time to Ride the J-Curve 28 ICICI Securities
Apr-14 India Power Utilities & Coal 6 Nomura
Mar-14 India Energy - Upstream PSUs undervalued – poised for a re-rating 21 Religare Research
Mar-14 Power Plus - Modest generation, demand growth lowers deficit 10 ICICIdirect.com
Feb-14 CERC final regulations FY15-19; no respite for NTPC 3 Emkay Research
Feb-14 CERC tariff norms (FY15-19) - gone are the days of high incentives 8 Goldman Sachs
Feb-14 India Power Utilities 12 Prabhudas Lilladher
Dec-13 Power and Gas Utilities - Q3FY14 Result Preview 7 Centrum
Dec-13 CERC draft regulations FY15-19; huge negative for NTPC 3 Emkay
Dec-13 Draft CERC norms - tightening the noose 8 Edelweiss
Dec-13 India Hydro Power Capacity addition - A bale of turtles 5 Prabhudas Lilladher
Nov-13 H1FY14 Power Trading – Update 5 Prabhudas Lilladher
Nov-13 India Power Utilities 8 Prabhudas Lilladher
Oct-13 India Power - Long standing tenets being challenged 20 ICICI Securities
Oct-13 Power - India DISCOMs: Power tariff hike score card 15 Prabhudas Lilladher
Oct-13 mPower - monthly round-up of power utilities 16 Motilal Oswal
Oct-13 Power and Gas Utilities - Q2FY14 Result Preview 6 Centrum
Oct-13 Power: Heavy rains fuel hydro generation... 9 ICICIdirect.com
Sep-13 mPower - monthly round-up of power utilities 24 Motilal Oswal
Sep-13 Power - Open Access takes a leap in FY13 6 Prabhudas Lilladher
Aug-13 India Energy : Weakening INR, rising Crude - what it entails… 4 Religare Research
Aug-13 Power - A glimpse at the 5-year plans 6 Prabhudas Lilladher
Aug-13 mPower - monthly round-up of power utilities 28 Motilal Oswal
Aug-13 Top-up coal cost pass thru - one step forward 5 Nomura
Jul-13 IPPs to get FSA coal for 'gross' PPA capacity 7 Nomura Equity Research
Jul-13 mPower - monthly round-up of power utilities 28 Motilal Oswal
Jul-13 Power - Fact Sheet - 12th Plan Capacity Addition 4 Prabhudas Lilladher
Jun-13 Power - AP DISCOM - Meeting demand at a price... 6 Prabhudas Lilladher
Jun-13 Govt moves to ease coal security risk for IPPs 7 Nomura
Jun-13 Power - APGENCO- Healthy operations, modest financials 5 Prabhudas Lilladher
Jun-13 mPower - monthly round-up of power utilities 24 Motilal Oswal
Jun-13 FY14 Generation - What is built in? 4 Prabhudas Lilladher
Jun-13 Power - Expect a plain sailing 9 Prabhudas Lilladher
May-13 India Power Utilities & Coal Update 6 Nomura
May-13 Power Trading - Going through thick and thin 4 Prabhudas Lilladher
May-13 mPower - monthly round-up of power utilities 20 Motilal Oswal
Apr-13 Power - Big cities...Bigger needs!!! 16 Prabhudas Lilladher
Apr-13 NCDP change a much better solution than coal pooling 3 Emkay Research
Apr-13 mPower - monthly round-up of power utilities 26 Motilal Oswal
Apr-13 Q4FY2013 Power earnings preview 5 Sharekhan
Apr-13 Power - CERC order - significant positive despite ambiguities 4 Emkay Research
Mar-13 India Infrastructure Insights # 25 - Power Reforms...What Reforms? 13 Citi
Mar-13 mPower : monthly round-up of power utilities 26 Motilal Oswal
Mar-13 POWER Sector Update 2 CARE Ratings
Feb-13 Power Factor 7 BRICS
Feb-13 India Power Utilities & Coal 6 Nomura
Feb-13 STRATEGY - Power-full reforms 5 Edelweiss Research
Feb-13 mPower - monthly round-up of power utilities 20 Motilal Oswal
Feb-13 Consensus on coal price pooling mechanism? 8 Nomura
Jan-13 India Power Generation Equipment 12 Citi
Jan-13 Asia solar: On firmer ground 102 Nomura Equity Research
Jan-13 India electrical equipment update 6 Nomura
Jan-13 India Power Utilities & Coal 9 Nomura
Jan-13 Earnings Preview: December 2012 Ended Quarter 4 BRICS
Jan-13 Poly and wafer ASPs rise as China targets 10GW of solar installations in FY13F 14 Nomura Equity Research
Jan-13 Transmission & Distribution 11 ICICI Securities
Jan-13 Q3FY2013 Power earnings preview 5 Sharekhan
Dec-12 Power Factor 7 BRICS
Nov-12 Power Factor 7 BRICS
Nov-12 H1FY13 Power Trading – Update 7 Prabhudas Lilladher
Nov-12 India Power Utilities - H1FY13 On the same turf 7 Prabhudas Lilladher
Oct-12 mPower - monthly round-up of power utilities 24 Motilal Oswal
Oct-12 Power Utilities - Earnings preview sep 2012 quarter 4 BRICS
Sep-12 SEB restructuring NT positive; augurs well for PLFs, mainly IPPs 5 Goldman Sachs
Sep-12 Tariff hikes continue; more needed to support policy measures 10 Goldman Sachs
Sep-12 Power Factor 8 BRICS
Sep-12 India Utilities Sector 21 CREDIT SUISSE
Sep-12 Indian Power : Rajasthan SEB debt restructuring – the way forward? 5 HSBC
Sep-12 mPower - monthly round-up of power utilities 26 Motilal Oswal
Aug-12 Power Factore 7 BRICS
Aug-12 Energy Monthly - Crude to remain in range 6 Capital Research
Aug-12 mPower - monthly round-up of power utilities 26 Motilal Oswal
Jul-12 mPower - monthly round-up of power utilities 20 Motilal Oswal
Jun-12 Power Sector : Theme for superior returns, amidst 'policy uncertainty' 85 Emkay Research
Jun-12 Indian Power Update 8 HSBC
Jun-12 India Power Utilities 12 Prabhudas Lilladher
May-12 Indian Power Update 53 HSBC
May-12 mPower : monthly round-up of power utilities 26 Motilal Oswal
May-12 Indian power and coal : New supply deal won’t hurt Coal India 20 HSBC
Apr-12 Power Pulse 9 IDBI Capital
Apr-12 Increase in royalty on coal; cost neutral for power companies 5 HSBC
Apr-12 Power - Dejavu 47 IDFC
Mar-12 Power Pulse 9 IDBI Capital
Mar-12 mPower - monthly round-up of power utilities 22 Motilal Oswal
Feb-12 80% FSA; 100% Infeasible 4 Emkay Research
Jan-12 mPower - monthly round-up of power utilities 24 Motilal Oswal
Jan-12 3QFY12F preview: bottom-line to improve q-q 7 Nomura
Dec-11 Power Conclave - Efforts all around... 4 IDBI Capital
Dec-11 Update on Concall with Shri SK Tuteja - Member, Shunglu committee 3 Emkay Research
Oct-11 A muted quarter 25 HSBC
Oct-11 SEBs Facing Daunting Challenges 11 IDBI Capital
Oct-11 mPower - monthly round-up of power utilities 22 Motilal Oswal
Oct-11 Ex-subsidy upstream to shine 8 IDBI Capital
Oct-11 FY10 SEB finances provide comfort (PFC report) 10 Motilal Oswal
Sep-11 Doosan Outbids Boiler Competition - Turbine Results Today 10 Citi
Sep-11 SEB Finances: The tipping point 10 Motilal Oswal
Sep-11 Headwinds continue; Downgrade Adani, Lanco and OGPL to Neutral 45 Goldman Sachs
Sep-11 August all-India generation up 9%, PLF up 212bp YoY 8 Motilal Oswal
Sep-11 Generation increased 9.6% yoy in August'11, led by hydro power generation growth 5 IDFC
Sep-11 Wake up coal 37 Edelweiss Securities
Aug-11 Q1 FY12 Result Review - Power Sector 9 Unicon Financial
Aug-11 Peak deficit inching up; short-term benefit for merchant power 10 IDBI Capital
Aug-11 Prefer Power Grid (OW) to NTPC (N) 16 HSBC
Aug-11 Falling crude oil prices - positive for Oil PSU's... 6 IDBI Capital
Aug-11 CERC FY11 short term report - pressure on bilateral 4 Emkay Research
Jul-11 mPower - monthly round-up of power utilities 22 Motilal Oswal
Jul-11 Power Pulse - Capacity addition impresses 10 IDBI Capital
Jul-11 Forward curve; buyers shying away from bilateral 3 Emkay Research
Jul-11 Q1FY2012 Power Earnings Preview 3 Sharekhan
Jul-11 Forward Curve; Buyers Shying Away From Bilateral 3 Emkay Research
Jul-11 Power Generation 6 Motilal Oswal