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Date Heading Pages Author Download
Feb-17 PARA-the last frontier? 8 Care Research
Jan-17 Bottom-line To Be Optically Healthy... 3 Nirmal Bang
Jan-17 Expect demonetization-led subdued performance 14 Motilal Oswal
Jan-17 Down and out – REPCO our only pick 58 Religare Research
Jan-17 3QFY17E Results Preview 11 HDFC Securities
Jan-17 Earning Preview-A watershed quarter! 4 IDBI Capital
Jan-17 Better days ahead for HFCs and Retail Banks 11 Angel Broking
Jan-17 Near term headwinds; outlook remains bright 13 ICICI Direct
Jan-17 Demonetisation hits all segments of credit 7 Prabhudas Lilladher
Dec-16 Identifying structural winners 16 Motilal Oswal
Nov-16 100% incremental CRR negative for banks 3 IDFC Securities
Nov-16 Incremental Deposits To Be Locked In CRR – Negative Impact 2 Nirmal Bang
Nov-16 The good, the bad – and the challenged 81 Anand Rathi
Nov-16 Temporary Relief To Banks/NBFCs Amid Cash Crunch 2 Nirmal Bang
Nov-16 Performance of banks in Q2-FY17 3 Care Research
Nov-16 Taking the bitter pill – impact on Financials 4 Motilal Oswal
Nov-16 Business remains sluggish; sharp yield declines to aid treasury 8 ICICI Securities
Oct-16 Business growth tepid; asset quality banks on recoveries 17 ICICI Securities
Oct-16 Treasury to boost earnings momentum; stress moderation expected post AQR 4 IDBI Capital
Oct-16 Q2 Preview: Treasury gains to prop up earnings 5 Religare Research
Oct-16 Trading gains and lower cost of funds to drive earnings 38 Motial Oswal
Oct-16 Monthly credit - Dismal signs of improvement yet! 7 Prabhudas Lilladher
Sep-16 India Financials: Credit Tracker 4 Religare Research
Sep-16 Near term headwinds to stay; remain selective 13 ICICI Direct
Sep-16 Credit Growth In Single Digit, Retail Segment Is Lone Saviour 5 Nirmal Bang
Sep-16 Religare NPA Conference: Key takeaways 16 Religare Research
Sep-16 S4A 6 Care Research
Sep-16 NBFCs: FY16 Annual Report Analysis 44 Emkay Research
Sep-16 NPA sale to take breather : RBI fine tunes its policy on asset sale 3 ICICI Securities
Sep-16 Deposit growth dips to 9.2% 4 Religare Research
Aug-16 Worse seems to be over, though challenges remain 21 Prabhudas Lilladher
Aug-16 Credit growth weakens but June a seasonally weak quarter 7 Prabhudas Lilladher
Jul-16 Prefer PSU banks where the dilution risk is lower - SBI remains our preferred PSU bank 12 Nomura Securities
Jul-16 India Financials: Credit Tracker - Credit growth inches up to 9.8% 4 Religare Securities
Jul-16 FY16 loan mix: Unsecured retail loans drive market share gains 10 ICICI Securities
Jul-16 Q1FY17: Asset quality to remain dominant theme 4 IDBI Capital
Jul-16 NBFCs Will Continue To Outpace Banks 4 Nirmal Bang
Jul-16 Q1 Preview: Asset quality better, but profits weak 5 Religare Research
Jun-16 Stressed book review - PSUs looking good now 34 Nomura Securities
Jun-16 Concerns to stay in near term; stay selective 14 ICICI direct.com
Jun-16 Banking - Concerns to stay in near term; stay selective 14 ICICI direct.com
Jun-16 RBI's S4A Scheme Is Another Weapon In Banks' Armour 3 Nirmal Bang
Jun-16 New norms on stressed assets – not a game changer 4 Religare Research
Jun-16 Revised restructuring framework: More efficient and effective 5 Edelweiss Securities
Jun-16 Not a game changer, lesser forbearance a positive 3 Emkay Research
Jun-16 Housing Finance Companies - The outlook stays bright 42 IDBI Capital
Jun-16 S4A - An ammunition to cut the debt trap 6 Motilal Oswal
Jun-16 India Financials - Painful quarter at net level: Tale of Two halves 18 Prabhudas Lilladher
Jun-16 Profitability to remain subdued due to higher credit cost 12 Reliance Securities
Jun-16 Banking & Financial Sector - Q4FY16 Results Review 14 India Nivesh
Jun-16 The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code - Finally, a game-changer 6 Motilal Oswal
Jun-16 India Financials - Retail continue to drive system growth 7 Prabhudas Lilladher
May-16 4Q16 Review - provisioning needs are multiple years of profit 18 Credit Suisse
May-16 India Banks : New bankruptcy law - Not a magic wand 7 Religare Research
May-16 Bank credit and Debt markets in FY16 5 Care Ratings
May-16 RBI's directed balance sheet clean-up for banks continues 6 Motilal Oswal
Apr-16 Steel rally provides relief; recognition to drive ICICI re-rating 27 Credit Suisse
Apr-16 Asset quality to take toll; All eyes on loan growth outlook 19 ICICI Securities
Apr-16 RBI prunes borrower provisioning list – positive for banks 4 Religare Research
Apr-16 Q4FY16: Asset quality and beyond 4 IDBI Capital
Apr-16 Yet another weak quarter 12 Centrum Research
Apr-16 Focus shifts from policy rates to system-wide rates 4 Motilal Oswal
Apr-16 RBI's AQR will continue to haunt sector 5 Religare Research
Apr-16 MCLR clarifications: Less disruptive now 4 Nomura
Mar-16 Asset sales growing: thoughts/implications 6 Nomura
Mar-16 Beginning of end to stress? 69 Edelweiss Securities
Mar-16 Housing finance: Optimistically cautious 8 Edelweiss Securities
Mar-16 Boon or a bane 23 Centrum Research
Mar-16 Deposit growth slips to 10.6% YoY 4 Religare Research
Mar-16 Cheaper but still avoidable; growth still far off 17 ICICI Direct
Mar-16 Digital banking - Where's your money? 66 Motial Oswal
Mar-16 RBI capital relaxation – 100bps CET-1 impact 7 Nomura
Mar-16 Capital relief gets RBI nudge 7 Edelweiss Securities
Mar-16 Relaxing capital norms provide some breather 6 ICICI Direct
Mar-16 RBI relief on capitalization – a big positive for PSBs 6 Motilal Oswal
Mar-16 RBI's Review Of Capital Adequacy Norms To Aid Banks 2 Nirmal Bang
Feb-16 Adding to the abbreviations 5 Credit Suisse
Feb-16 RBI's modifications: Ameliorating move 9 Edelweiss Securities
Feb-16 PSU banks – No place to hide 22 Motilal Oswal
Feb-16 Asset quality in the dumps; private banks faring better 17 Prabhudas Lilladher
Feb-16 Credit growth stable at 11.5% YoY 4 Religare Research
Feb-16 Ex-SBI Chief Mr. Pratip Chaudhuri's Views On Banks' Asset Quality 2 Nirmal Bang
Feb-16 Investors prefer privates, avoid PSBs 5 Religare Research
Feb-16 Delinquency falling for CV, rising for CE/tractor loans 6 Religare Research
Jan-16 More positive on Corporate Private Banks 39 Nomura
Jan-16 New rate transmission mechanism – manageable challenges in short-term 48 IDBI Capital
Jan-16 Risk of unknown persists, but is largely priced in 31 ICICI Securities
Jan-16 Restrained earnings growth and frail asset quality 9 Emkay Research
Jan-16 2001 Redux 17 IIFL
Jan-16 Subdued Performance Likely 3 Nirmal Bang
Jan-16 A washout quarter 38 Motilal Oswal
Jan-16 Q3 Preview: No respite from asset quality woes 6 Religare Research
Jan-16 SDR: A band-aid for a bullet wound 126 Religare Research
Dec-15 New base rate Mechanism - Lower NIM impact 6 Nomura
Dec-15 New MCLR guidelines marginally impact NIM 7 ICICI Direct
Dec-15 New lending benchmark: Move towards marginal funding cost 9 Edelweiss Securities
Dec-15 RBI issues loan pricing guidelines – Not as bad as feared! 5 Prabhudas Lilladher
Dec-15 Moving from 'Base Rate' regime to 'Marginal Cost of Funds based Lending Rate' 6 Anand Rathi
Dec-15 New Lending rate regime from April 2016 6 Motilal Oswal
Dec-15 Moving closer to reality 6 Nomura
Dec-15 Banking underperformance to continue... 16 ICICI Direct
Dec-15 Banks jumping on the SDR bandwagon too soon? 5 Religare Research
Nov-15 A long and arduous wait for recovery, stay selective 80 Emkay Research
Nov-15 MUDRA loans – USD20b cash flow based lending 10 Motilal Oswal
Nov-15 PSU Banks Review: 2QFY16 32 Motilal Oswal
Nov-15 Q2 Review: Assets stressed, earnings depressed 6 Religare Research
Nov-15 Private Banks Review: 2QFY16 24 Motilal Oswal
Nov-15 Discom revamp plan: Restructuring out of the mess 6 Anand Rathi
Nov-15 SDR simply kicks the can down the road 5 Religare Research
Nov-15 Private banks – gaining market share, remaining resilient in profitability 11 Emkay Research
Oct-15 Bandhan & IDFC: Two new banks, two diverse strategies 6 Religare
Oct-15 Rationalization of Risk-Weights and LTV Ratios 6 Motilal Oswal
Oct-15 Treasury Income To Drive Bottom-line, Operational Performance Weak 3 Nirmal Bang
Oct-15 Core revenue under pressure; trading gains to improve 38 Motilal Oswal
Oct-15 Q2 Preview: Treasury gains to prop up earnings 6 Religare Research
Oct-15 Subdued earnings growth and weak asset quality 9 Emkay Research
Sep-15 More pressure on base rates 6 IDFC
Sep-15 New base rate calculation - to add to stress 16 ICICI Direct
Sep-15 Making sense of the "stress" 41 Nomura
Sep-15 India Microfinance 6 Religare Research
Sep-15 Core earnings 18 Emkay Research
Sep-15 Small finance banks 10 Motilal Oswal
Sep-15 Post this Correction Valuation looks attractive 6 Nirmal Bang
Sep-15 SBI, ICICI Bank Designated As Systematically Important Banks 2 Nirmal Bang
Sep-15 RBI shock: move to marginal cost of funds 9 Nomura
Aug-15 Performance Study – FY15 6 Care Research
Aug-15 Indradhanush 4 Prabhudas Lilladher
Aug-15 Margins under pressure; asset quality reports mixed trends 18 Prabhudas Lilladher
Aug-15 RBI awards licenses for Payment Banks – Our Take 5 Prabhudas Lilladher
Aug-15 Private banks' ARA: Deciphering underlying trend 23 Edelweiss Research
Aug-15 Start of a structural re-rating? 10 IIFL
Aug-15 Indradhanush...the new reforms for PSBs... 6 IndiaNivesh
Aug-15 Public sector banking reforms 8 Emkay Research
Aug-15 Capitalisation plan – Part of "Indradhanush" 2 ICICI Direct
Aug-15 Indradhanush – Towards the golden age 20 Motilal Oswal
Aug-15 Yet Another Attempt To Revamp Public Sector Banks 4 Nirmal Bang
Aug-15 Govt. announces reform initiatives for PSUs 8 Nomura Securities
Aug-15 Indradhanush colours to PSU banking reforms 11 Edelweiss Research
Aug-15 Indradhanush: Revamping PSU Banks 12 Prabhudas Lilladher
Aug-15 The CASA landscape 15 Nomura Securities
Aug-15 Recapitalisation of PSU Banks 3 Nirmal Bang
Jul-15 Capital conundrum 13 Nomura
Jul-15 Old Game - New rules, New winners 71 Emkay Research
Jul-15 Revenues under pressure; opex to drive earnings 33 Motilal Oswal
Jul-15 Q1FY16E Results Preview 13 IndiaNivesh
Jul-15 Yet Another Muted Performance Likely 3 Nirmal Bang
Jul-15 Seasonally weak quarter; backlog to keep stress elevated 19 Edelweiss
Jul-15 Modest quarter - Subdued earnings growth and weak asset quality 8 Emkay Research
Jul-15 No recovery in 1QFY16F 10 Nomura
Jun-15 RBI cautious on NPA, growth to stay subdued 13 ICICI Direct
Jun-15 Deep dive into ARC business 14 Motila Oswal
Jun-15 India Banks & Financials Forum 24 Citi
Jun-15 Q4FY15 Banking Review 8 Sunidhi
Jun-15 EU marketing feedback 8 Nomura
Jun-15 PSU Banks Review: 4QFY15 34 Motilal
May-15 Sector Thematic - India Financials 56 Motilal Oswal
May-15 5/25 scheme to replace loan restructuring in FY16 7 Religare
May-15 CV loans recovering but not CE 5 Religare
May-15 No stopping the private banks juggernaut 11 Emkay Research
Apr-15 Final PSL norms broadens its ambit, yet sub-targets remain a challenge 4 Emkay
Apr-15 "Steel" for higher NPAs 30 Credit Suisse
Apr-15 Investor feedback – Waiting for improvement 6 Nomura
Apr-15 Industry tour: Visiting ARCs – asset revival gaining focus 6 Prabhudas Lilladher
Apr-15 Wait for tailwind grows longer 5 ICICI Securities
Apr-15 India Financials - Retail tailwinds 63 Anand Rathi
Apr-15 Q4FY15: All things must pass 4 IDBI Capital
Apr-15 Treasury gains and stable NIMs to aid profitability 32 Motilal
Apr-15 Private banks: What's the pecking order? 54 Religare
Apr-15 Service quality assessment: An intangible differentiator 48 Prabhudas Lilladher
Mar-15 Subdued credit growth and high loan restructuring to mar profits 8 Emkay Research
Mar-15 Pain priced in; uncertain quarter to cap upside 14 ICICI direct.com
Mar-15 CV lenders: Gearing up for a joyride 83 Religare Research
Mar-15 The changing landscape 11 Nomura
Mar-15 Parliament clears insurance bill - positive move for industry 10 Prabhudas Lilladher
Mar-15 Three Trades - One Done, Two to Go 35 Citi
Mar-15 New PSL norms a positive; sub-targets a challenge 5 Religare
Mar-15 RBI's Internal Working Group Favours Rationalisation Of PSL Norms 2 Nirmal Bang
Mar-15 PSL recommendations - In conformity with changed realities! 6 Prabhudas Lilladher
Feb-15 Q3FY15 Banking Review - Better times ahead 8 Sunidhi
Feb-15 India Financials – PSU Banks 16 Prabhudas Lilladher
Feb-15 All things must pass. Pick the right ones. 9 IDBI
Feb-15 Retail financiers continue to shine 26 Motilal
Feb-15 PSU bank Infusion – Contrary to expectations 5 Nomura
Feb-15 "Regulatory forbearance – will it invite a sector de-rating?" 7 Emkay Research
Jan-15 Procyclicality of Banking Sector 17 SPA Securities
Jan-15 India Financials Sector 142 Credit Suisse
Jan-15 Q3 Preview: Treasury gains to fuel earnings 12 Religare Research
Jan-15 Earnings Growth Seen Healthy On Account Of Treasury Profits 3 Nirmal Bang
Jan-15 Q3FY15 Earnings Preview – Banking 4 IDBI Capital
Jan-15 Gyan Sangam Lays Out Broad Agenda For Change 3 Nirmal Bang
Jan-15 Non-food credit offtake still tepid 5 Religare Research
Jan-15 Reforms For Public Sector Banks May Be Announced Soon 2 Nirmal Bang
Jan-15 You can still bank on this sector 11 ICICI direct.com
Dec-14 Flexible restructuring to address financial constraints 5 Emkay Research
Dec-14 Flexible repayment period for existing core sector project loans positive 6 Motilal Oswal
Dec-14 No recovery in sight 4 Anand Rathi
Dec-14 Farm and retail loans drive credit growth in Oct'14 7 Anand Rathi
Dec-14 Sector Update - Financials 38 IDBI Capital
Nov-14 Q2FY15 Result Review - BANKING 15 Nirmal Bang
Nov-14 Q2FY15 review - Earnings getting better, quality stable 10 IDFC
Nov-14 Merger on the cards - Looks good to us! 5 Prabhudas Lilladher