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Feb-2017 CPI Inflation Anand Rathi
Feb-2017 Food inflation down, commodity price rise a worry ICICI direct.com
Feb-2017 Consumer goods, the prime reason for middling growth Anand Rathi
Feb-2017 Core CPI is not sticky Edelweiss Securities
Feb-2017 Index of Industrial Production -December 2016 Nirmal Bang
Feb-2017 The Big Leap to a formal Economy 30  Motilal Oswal
Feb-2017 The RBI decides to hold Anand Rathi
Feb-2017 Anti-Dumping duties now? CARE Research
Feb-2017 A pause for sustainable growth of Indian Microfinance Industry CARE Research
Jan-2017 Cash crunch brings food prices down ICICI direct.com
Jan-2017 DEMONETIZATION: Who will pay the price 13  CD Equisearch
Jan-2017 Trade Review Emkay Research
Jan-2017 Demonetisation impact lower than anticipated Edelweiss Securities
Jan-2017 CPI continues to remain benign Edelweiss Securities
Jan-2017 Impact of Demonetization on Sectoral Bank Credit CARE Research
Jan-2017 Industrial Growth:November 2016 CARE Research
Jan-2017 Retail Inflation: December 2016 CARE Research
Jan-2017 CY17: Consumption led recovery in the offing 63  ICICI Securities
Jan-2017 Credit Quality: 9M FY17 CARE Research
Jan-2017 Advance Estimates of GDP FY17 CARE Research
Jan-2017 Impact of Demonetization on Microfinance Sector CARE Research
Jan-2017 2017 Macroeconomic Outlook Nirmal Bang
Jan-2017 UP economy likely to surpass demonetization impact 20  Anand Rathi
Jan-2017 Impact of Demonetization on Sectoral Bank Credit CARE Research
Jan-2017 Indian economy grew 5.6% YoY in November 2016 Motilal Oswal