Note : Those securities that have a 6 monthly average (full) market cap of more than Rs. 100 crores but less than Rs. 1000 crores and have more than 1000 public shareholders are classified in "XC" sub-segment. The balance securities are classified in "XD" sub-segment. Further, securities falling in 'DT' and 'T' groups at present that do not satisfy any of the above exclusions are classified under "XT" sub-segment.

19/08/17Adarsh Mercantile Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
19/08/17Adcon Capital Services Ltd.Quarterly Results/AGMXT
19/08/17Blue Chip Tex Industries Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
19/08/17Chembond Chemicals Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXC
19/08/17Infosys Ltd.Buy BackA
19/08/17Moryo Industries Ltd.AGM/Change in Auditors/Change in DirectorsB
19/08/17Pankaj Polymers Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
19/08/17Rajasthan Petro Synthetics Ltd.Quarterly ResultsP
19/08/17SRG Housing Finance Ltd.RedemptionXD
19/08/17Shekhawati Poly-Yarn Ltd.AGM/Change in DirectorsB
19/08/17Shree Nath Commercial & Finance Ltd.AGM/Change in Auditors/Change in Directors/Change in Other ExecutivesXD
19/08/17Tilak Ventures Ltd.Quarterly Results/Change in Auditors/Change in DirectorsXD
19/08/17Usha Martin Ltd.Raising funds through Debt Instr.B
19/08/17Vama Industries Ltd.AGMXT
19/08/17WEP Solutions Ltd.OthersXD
21/08/17Creative Eye Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
21/08/17DJS Stock & Shares Ltd.Quarterly ResultsZ
21/08/17Grandma Trading Agencies Ltd.Quarterly ResultsSS
21/08/17Gujarat Poly-Avx Electronics Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXT
21/08/17Hariyana Ship Breakers Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
21/08/17Indian Hotels Co Ltd.OthersA
21/08/17Inducto Steel Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
21/08/17Jyothi Infraventures Ltd.Quarterly ResultsT
21/08/17KEN Financial Services Ltd.Quarterly Results/Change in AuditorsZ
21/08/17Khyati Multimedia Entertainment Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXT
21/08/17Lesha Industries Ltd.Accounts/AGMXT
21/08/17Maa Jagdambe Tradelinks Ltd.Quarterly ResultsT
21/08/17Mangalam Timber Products Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
21/08/17Mukta Agriculture Ltd.AGM/Change in DirectorsXC
21/08/17Nexus Commodities & Technologies Ltd.Quarterly Results/Change in Auditors/Change in DirectorsXT
21/08/17Oceanic Foods Ltd.AGMM
21/08/17Pradeep Metals Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
21/08/17Rajvir Industries Ltd.AGMT
21/08/17Rane Engine Valve Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
21/08/17Restile Ceramics Ltd.OthersXD
21/08/17S Chand & Company Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
21/08/17Sam Leaseco Ltd.Quarterly Results/AGMB
21/08/17Shirpur Gold Refinery Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
21/08/17Super Crop Safe Ltd.Conversion/Preferential IssueXD
21/08/17Tanvi Foods (India) Ltd.AGMM
21/08/17V2 Retail Ltd.OthersB
21/08/17Vipul Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
21/08/17Wagend Infra Venture Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
21/08/17Websol Energy System Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
21/08/17Western Ministil Ltd.AGMZ
22/08/17ADS Diagnostic Ltd.Quarterly ResultsT
22/08/17Ahluwalia Contracts (I) Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
22/08/17Bampsl Securities Ltd.OthersST
22/08/17Choksi Imaging Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
22/08/17DCM Shriram Industries Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXC
22/08/17Diamines & Chemicals Ltd.OthersXD
22/08/17Elegant Flori & Agrotech (India) Ltd.OthersZ
22/08/17Envair Electrodyne Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
22/08/17Gati Ltd.Quarterly ResultsA
22/08/17Investment & Precision Castings Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
22/08/17Khaitan Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXC
22/08/17Mayur Uniquoters Ltd.DividendB
22/08/17Mukand Engineers Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
22/08/17Mukand Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
22/08/17Pricol Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
22/08/17Shamrock Industrial Co Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
22/08/17Sudal Industries Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
22/08/17Vivanza Biosciences Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
23/08/17AGI Infra Ltd.AGM/Change in AuditorsM
23/08/17BCL Industries & Infrastructures Ltd.DividendXT
23/08/17CARE Ratings Ltd.Quarterly Results/Interim DividendA
23/08/17Castrol India Ltd.Quarterly Results/Interim DividendA
23/08/17Esaar (India) Ltd.Stock SplitXD
23/08/17Indsil Hydro Power and Manganese Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXT
23/08/17Jamshri Ranjitsinghji Spg & Wvg Mills Co.Ltd.Quarterly Results/Change in Other Executives/Forfeiture of Shares/AGMXT
23/08/17Ludlow Jute and Specialities Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
23/08/17Paul Merchants Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
23/08/17Procter & Gamble Hygiene & Health Care Ltd.Accounts/DividendA
23/08/17Rane Brake Lining Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
23/08/17Ravindra Energy LtdQuarterly ResultsST
23/08/17Sree Rayalaseema Alkali & Allied Chemicals Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXC
23/08/17Talbros Automotive Components Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
23/08/17Viaan Industries Ltd.Quarterly Results/OthersXC
24/08/17Bharat Bijlee Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
24/08/17Dion Global Solutions Ltd.OthersXC
24/08/17GTN Industries Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
24/08/17Gillette India Ltd.Accounts/DividendB
24/08/17Hindustan Hardy Spicer Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXT
24/08/17Kennametal India Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
24/08/17Polychem Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
24/08/17Prakash Industries Ltd.Demerger/Raising funds through Debt Instr./Issue of FCCBB
24/08/17Rane Madras Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
25/08/17Atlas Cycles (Haryana) Ltd.Quarterly ResultsT
25/08/17Kiri Industries Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
25/08/17Venus Remedies Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
26/08/17KLRF Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
26/08/17Kallam Spinning Mills Ltd.Quarterly Results/Bonus IssueXD
26/08/17La Opala RG Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
26/08/17Phoenix International Ltd.Quarterly Results/AGMXT
28/08/17Jayatma Spinners Ltd.OthersDT
28/08/17NGL Fine Chem Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXC
28/08/17Rajshree Sugars & Chemicals Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
29/08/17Borax Morarji Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXT
29/08/17Dharamsi Morarji Chemicals Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXC
29/08/17Dhunseri Tea & Industries Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
29/08/17Minda Industries Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
29/08/17Technofab Engineering Ltd.OthersB
30/08/17Trident Tools Ltd.OthersXT
31/08/17Ducon Infratechnologies Ltd.Scheme of ArrangementB
31/08/17KCP Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
31/08/17Mipco Seamless Rings (Gujarat) Ltd.AGM/Change in Auditors/Change in Directors/Postal BallotXT
31/08/17Rane Holdings Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
31/08/17Triton Valves Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXC
01/09/17D-Link (I) Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
01/09/17Gravita (I)Quarterly ResultsB
01/09/17Kartik Investments Trust Ltd.Quarterly ResultsP
01/09/17Ricoh India Ltd.Quarterly ResultsZ
04/09/17Ricoh India Ltd.OthersZ
05/09/17Insilco Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXT
06/09/17Indian Hume Pipe Co Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
06/09/17Sri Nachammai Cotton Mills Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
07/09/17Bobshell Electrodes Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
07/09/17Captain Polyplast Ltd.Quarterly ResultsT
07/09/17Shreyans Industries Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
09/09/17GCCL Construction & Realities Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
09/09/17TT Ltd.Quarterly ResultsT
11/09/17Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (I) Ltd. Quarterly ResultsB
11/09/17Faze Three Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXC
11/09/17Keynote Corporate Services Ltd.Quarterly ResultsT
11/09/17Singer India Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXC
11/09/17Timex Group India Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXT
11/09/17Twinstar Industries Ltd.OthersXT
11/09/17Voltaire Leasing & Finance Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
12/09/17Aplab Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXT
12/09/17Aris International Ltd.OthersP
12/09/17Freshtrop Fruits Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXC
12/09/17Krypton Industries Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXT
12/09/17Pearl Global Industries Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
12/09/17Pix Transmission Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXC
13/09/17Kopran Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
13/09/17Terai Tea Co Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
14/09/17Centum Electronics Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
14/09/17Dolat Investments Ltd.Quarterly ResultsSS
14/09/17Innovative Tech-Pack Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXC
14/09/17KLRF Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
14/09/17Kothari Fermentation & Biochem Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
14/09/17La Tim Metal Industries Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXT
14/09/17Majestic Auto Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXC
14/09/17Metal Coatings (India) Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXT
14/09/17Odyssey Corporation Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
14/09/17Olympic Management & Financial Services Ltd.Quarterly ResultsZ
14/09/17Phoenix Lamps Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
14/09/17RDB Rasayans Ltd.OthersXD
14/09/17Sangal Papers Ltd.OthersXT
14/09/17Simplex Castings Ltd.Quarterly ResultsXD
14/09/17Star Paper Mills Ltd.Quarterly ResultsB
14/09/17TeleCancor Global Ltd.Quarterly Results/Change in AuditorsXT