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  Weekly Economic Commentary  
  There was a time when the heads of the world’s major central banks were treated with the reverence afforded a head of state. Their every utterance was taken as gospel and their appearances among commoners inspired adulation. Governments recruited widely for the best candidates and held onto them dearly once secured. All of this was well-warranted: central bankers were periodically called upon to save the world.  
  Good Lloyd! Havells' Investors will Likely Say in the Long Run  
  Havells India agreed to acquire the consumer durables business of Lloyd Electric & Engineering for . 1,600 crore, giving the electri' cal products maker a foothold in the $15-billion market for home appliances such as room ACs, washing machines and LED televisions.Havells signed an agreement with Lloyd Electric and its promoters to buy the Lloyd brand and the business that is engaged in sourcing, assembling, marketing and distribution of consumer durables.  
  Stocks Closed for Fresh F&O Bets at Highest Since Sept  
  The sharp rebound in the stock market of late may have made traders complacent, encouraging them to build up positions in various stock derivative contracts to their highest permissible limit. The number of stock futures and options in which further bets cannot be mounted is near their record levels in September last year. Usually , when higher number of stocks is moved into the trading ban list, some market watchers consider this as a contrarian indicator.As many as nine stock futures cannot be traded further till some of the positions are liquidated.  
  10 Midcaps Creating a Buzz After Strong Q3 Performance  
  Analysts raised Chambal's target price by 9% post results. As execution risk related to urea capacity expansion abates, the target PE multiple can be increased by one notch, said analysts."Current valuations of FY19 PE of 7.5 with dividend yield of 2.4% suggest some more upside despite the 38% run-up in three months, as Chambal's EPS may double in the first full year of operation of new urea plant," says Prakash Goel, ICICI Securities  
  Sentimental Amethi Feels Obligated To Cast Its Vote  
  The electorate in the NehruGandhi family bastion of Amethi is playing the role of a moral jury this election season.They are here to choose between two ranis BJP's Garima Singh and Amita Sinh of the Congress, the former and present wife of the scion of the erstwhile ruling family Sanjay Sinh and Gayatri Prajapati, a Mulayam loyalist and senior UP minister who is embroiled in several cases, including a recent one of rape.  
  DBT Leads to Rs 50,000-cr Savings for Govt in 3 Years  
  A YEAR'S SUBSIDY SAVED Govt's total subsidy for FY16 till December was '48,860 cr Savings due to Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) over the last three years have touched '50,000 cr as on December 31, 2016, as per latest government figures. This amount is equivalent to the subsidy paid out under DBT in this financial year, implying nearly a year's subsidy was saved. "The savings figure is expected to significantly rise further in the next financial year as the government will be bringing a total of 533 central payout schemes in 64 ministries under the DBT mechanism by March 31, 2018 as per the directions of PM Narendra Modi," a top government official told ET.